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What Price Beauty?

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( Women are under tremendous pressure to look a certain way, based on the wide-ranging concept of beauty. But how far are we willing to go in our pursuit of physical perfection?

Botox, liposuction, butt implants, hair extensions, lip enhancement, breast augmentation, collagen injections, and the list goes on. In declaring war on all things puzzling, why do women allow themselves to be tweaked, plucked and surgerized  in the name of beauty? Is it because society dictates that to be acceptable, we must look a certain way? Or have we reached the point where vanity has surpassed good old common sense?

If you believe everything you read on social media, then you know that Beyonce is the goddess of glamour, with no challenge to the throne. But what about women who bear little resemblance to the Queen B? These are women who undergo surgery and spend thousands of dollars trying to compete with celebrities. Unfortunately, it’s easy to see how women fall into this trap.

As women grow older, they notice changes in their appearance, skin that was once flawless is now marred with wrinkles and tiny laugh lines. And that body that earned you the nickname “Brick House,” is adrift in a sea of jiggly thighs and stomach rolls. Of course, there are 20-year-olds, who could also fit this profile. But for this article, we are limiting our observation to women over 40.

Recognizing the early signs of aging, women flee to the nearest cosmetic surgeon for a nip and tuck. As one woman stated: “I had implants put in so my breasts could stand at attention, instead of looking  like two duffel bags.” A year later the woman noticed the hardening in her breasts, and consulted a surgeon who suggested she have the implants removed, which she did. Two years after the operation, she still becomes hysterical at the mention of the word implants. What Price Beauty?

The Bare Predator: Back Alley Butt Implants  

In prior generations, women would have rolled their eyes in disbelief,  at the thought of getting fat sucked from their thighs and injected into their hips, for a bigger butt. Now the Brazilian Butt Lift is a standard procedure. And it’s not just celebrities shelling out big bucks for a rounder rear end, but regular people. But what happens if you can’t afford the Brazilian Lift, which can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $40,000?  For women who don’t have a lot of money, they rely on black market injections to get the butt of their dreams. Cue the music, it’s time for a little one-on-one with the truth

Unlike the Brazilian Butt Lift, black market injections are administered by people with no medical experience. So, what if something goes wrong? What happens if the amount of silicone, doesn’t meet the patient’s specification? Is a second injection necessary? If so, what are the risks? This dilemma was brought to light in the BET documentary “Killer Curves: Bodies to Die For.”

Produced by author and TV personality La La Anthony, the documentary revealed the lengths some women will go, to get a butt that looks like two basketballs on steroids. Among the disaster stories, is a woman whose arms and legs were amputated, after getting her butt injected with industrial-grade silicone. The same silicone used to seal gaps around ceilings to prevent mildew stains. Another woman, a former model, “had a hole in her right butt cheek, that was so big, you could put your fist inside.” What Price Beauty?

The examples above are ways in which women allow their body fixation to run amuck. So how do we stop this vicious cycle? Or should the question be, how long are we going to endure the humiliation of letting the world tell us what looks good and what doesn’t? Isn’t it time to stand  up and say,  I determine my own beauty standards?  So, what will it be, your definition of  physical attractiveness or mainstream society?  You figure it out.


Staff Writer; Peggy S. Butler

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