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Suite Deal, Girl! Luxury Accommodation At Low Prices.

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(ThySistas.comIs there anything better than a luxury vacation? Now that fall is here and winter is on the way, the answer is hell no! Get me out of here and to a place where the sun shines all year round and the beaches are golden and sandy. Ah, that’s the life.

Of course, luxury trips are one-offs because of the price. Typically, the ladies get a handful of them in a lifetime because it’s not realistic to blast thousands of dollars on a 5* hotel. You’ve still got bills to pay back at home.

The thing is top-of-the-range lodgings don’t have to break the bank. Here’s how to get a suite deal.

Go In The Off-Season

Like, right now. Immediately after the summer season is over, there is a lull while vacationers try to save up enough to jet off again. During this time, hotels have to lower their rates to maximize profits, even the Hiltons and the Waldorfs. Some slash their prices by up to 50% depending on the day and month. A tip: a midweek break is the cheapest because people still fly to exotic locations on weekends. Even better, a two or day vacation will only set you back a fraction of the cost.

Tell A White Lie

You and your partner turn up to the reception desk and wish you had the courage to tell a white lie. Not a big one, but the sort that can secure an upgrade. You know, like “we’re on our honeymoon.” In reality, you’re not even married yet the concierge has no clue. She assumes you’re newlyweds and couldn’t afford the honeymoon suite. If that person is inclined, they can bump your booking at no extra cost. And, all you lose if they say no is the couple of seconds it took to ask. No harm, no foul.

Call The Classifieds

There are hundreds of houses listed for sale in any given area, and the majority of them don’t sell quickly. The average waiting time is up to two years depending on the property and the location. What this means is that homes for sale which haven’t been snapped up are money-losers because it costs the owners to market the building. Therefore, they might be opening to renting out their home for a week or two to an out-of-towner at an affordable rate. That way, they get a return on their property and you get to stay in an exotic area like a local.

Use Airbnb

If the idea of making the phone call above doesn’t appeal, you can try the tested option. Airbnb has been around for years and provided vacationers with luxury digs at affordable prices. After all, the owners don’t need to charge an extortionate fee if they can book out all year round. Plus, there is competition from surrounding properties so they can’t ask for too much money. The privacy of your own apartment is ten times as luxurious as a suite in a hotel.

Don’t miss out on the vacation of a lifetime – follow these tips and upgrade now!

Staff Writer; Carla Ford

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