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Your Guide to Sustainable Fashion.

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( In the modern world, everything you do has an impact on the environment, and on the lives of other people. There is no exception when it comes to fashion, as it is surprisingly one of the most damaging industries in the world. This is what some people consider a fair cost to looking good, but unfortunately, it can be particularly detrimental to the planet. With this in mind, it is no surprise that many people are beginning to turn to sustainable fashion, so they can look great and do their bit to save the environment at the same time. To help you, you should take note of some essential advice.

Shop locally

When your clothes are being shipped from all over the world, you are gradually adding more carbon emissions into the atmosphere; in the same way, you do when you buy food products from far away countries. To solve this problem, you can shop at local, independent stores. When you do this, you are usually contributing to the fair pay and working conditions of staff, but you are also cutting down on mass clothing production.

Go second hand

Many people turn their nose up at shopping for clothes in second hand stores. However, many of these stores donate their profits to local charities, and they have some true hidden gems when you take the time to look properly. The best thing about such stores is that you can find any fashion items in them, from winter coats to statement interior pieces. This allows you to be fashionable in every area of your life, for a fraction of the cost.

Invest in a few key pieces

One of the largest problems surrounding fast fashion is that it makes you believe your clothing is disposable, so you end up buying more clothing that you often don’t need. Ideally, you should be searching for a few, high-quality pieces that you will get the most use out of. Watches are a great fashion accessory that can go with many different outfits. Go Girl Only Watches are worth checking out for that. Three main items to consider are a vintage sweater; a good pair of jeans, and a party dress for any occasion. To help with your search, you can find plus size party dresses online.

Buy from ethical stores

Though there are numerous downsides to the fashion industry, a lot can be said about brands who have taken a more ethical path to produce sustainable clothing. Such stores span from beauty and makeup products to clothing. Not only do they source their materials locally and sustainably, but some of their profits go towards aiding relief efforts for many charities.

Recycle your clothes

There may come a time where you need to de-clutter your closet, but you should never consider throwing your clothes away into landfill. If your clothes are still in great condition, you should donate them to charities, sell them online, or upcycle them to sell. If they are too damaged to wear, you can always donate them to clothing banks, where people will dispose of them or reuse them in a way that isn’t harmful to the environment.

Staff Writer; Lisa Ford

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