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Expecting Mothers Need Peace.

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( Many of us have been told that black women run a risk of complications in child birth that can cost them their lives. Because of this, many sisters tend to pay more attention to their family members and friends that are expecting…or so it seems. There is more awareness not about what we need to eat to ensure babies are healthy and the mother. More of us are focused on fresh diets with plenty of proper fluids. More community-based organizations are putting emphasis on proper prenatal care as early as possible.

There are even incentive-based programs that help mothers get what they need for their baby if they just make it to the doctors’ appointments. What we must realize as family and friends is one of the major problems in a pregnancy is stress. Some of the stress can be induced by the craziness happening every day. She could have stress at work, concerned about the safety of her family or trying to tend to her other children.

Sometimes we have to realize we ourselves can be the stress. Yes, you are happy for your sister that is now pregnant, but she still needs to be there for you. Granted pregnancy is not disabling, but sometimes we treat women we know to be strong as though “they can handle it”. Sometimes we need to care enough about them to be more of an asset than a liability. We really ought not call them all the time with the crazy drama just because we need them. They have a life growing on the inside.

In the first trimester she is trying not to miscarry and by the last she is trying not to go into pre-term labor.  Far to often we seem to overlook the fact that what she needs is peace. I our sister communities we have to do everything we can to help each other thrive in pregnancy, survive delivery and be successful in motherhood. Sometimes this means we have to let her sleep, encourage meditation, possibly help her if she has children, and help keep her focused on peace.

I remember being pregnant with my son and losing several immediate family members during that time. My support circle made it a point to keep me in mind of my meditation, and they sent positive energy my way every day. I spent more time focused on the joy of what was happening within my and the love I was receiving, and I truly believe that me through the loss, and sustained me though a very tough delivery.

Expecting mothers need to be spared as much drama as possible. Sometimes we must pray for ourselves, watch the tendency to be a bit selfish, and remember that stress can kill her and/or the baby. Instead of fussing at the mom about her blood pressure help her maintain such. If you can’t help her carry her load at least help by not adding to it. Mom can eat all healthy food necessary, but if there is no peace she is still at risk.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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