Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Know Your Limits.

Just remember its impossible to give what you don’t have.  Never fell less than for making sure you stay on your feet.

A Lesson From what was My White Feminist Friend.

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She reminded me that she is indeed a white feminist…she was a white woman in America. No matter what we have in common she could never truly be my ally.

Is Your Business Disaster Proof? It Is Now.

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Tweet ( In a perfect world, your business would pull through any problem with consummate ease. However, threats are never that easy to deal with and there are lots of them. As a result, it’s not uncommon for a business to have to deal with chaos and catastrophe at some stage in its cycle. For companies […]

These 4 Things Will Make Or Break Your Business.

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Tweet ( Running a business will always be difficult; everyone experiences bumps and issues along the way. If you were to chart the success of a company via a line graph, then you’ll always see peaks and troughs throughout the life cycle. Having said that, when you break down a business, it’s surprising to see how […]

5 Services That Could Take The Hassle Out Of A Healthy Lifestyle.

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Tweet ( Let’s be honest here. A healthy lifestyle is easy in the summer. It’s a piece of cake in the spring. It’s even fairly achievable in the fall (although the temptation of all those syrupy seasonal lattes certainly doesn’t help). But staying healthy in winter is a whole lot harder. It doesn’t help that our […]

Understanding Personal Loans.

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Tweet ( If you didn’t take a personal loan until now, you might find the process a tad complicated, if not confusing. And it definitely is, to some extent at the very least. This is why it makes sense to get your facts straight before you proceed with the actual application process. This is what this […]

“I’ll Go Where The Work Is” – Is This A Dangerous Attitude For The Modern Entrepreneur?

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Tweet ( It can seem like a very glamorous lifestyle on the outside looking in. Maybe hiring a company vehicle to go across the country, or getting numerous flights, living in and out of suitcases, all for the purpose of building up your business appears to be the hallmarks of a successful entrepreneur. In many cases, […]

What Gets You Up in the Morning?

Getting up early is a great way to get your day started in total peace and gratitude and the law of attraction will always reward you for that.

High Risk Won’t Guarantee Your Life.

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It is also important that we come together to take care of our mothers. They give birth to the future of our people. We can’t just leave their fate to the doctors.

Great Ways to Get Girls into Sports.

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Tweet ( Generally, there are far fewer girls that play sports than boys and this carries on into later life. It seems that girls have a much tougher time with sports when they are at school, as often this is the chance for those that are not so good at it to have fun made of […]

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