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Pregnant at 37 Part III.

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( Things seem to finally be falling in place. Pregnancy at 17 weeks feels much better than the rocky start I encountered. I acknowledge every pregnancy is different. Granted I admit I am marveled by the body’s ability to remember previous states. With this being the second pregnancy, I find that my midsection is filling out sooner than it did with the first child. I didn’t have to think about maternity clothes the first time around…just some comfortable maxi dresses towards the ends. However, I am seriously thinking about it as my belly at 17 weeks has surpassed what I saw 2nd trimester preciously.

I find that I am comfortable with these changes and more focused on being healthy then freaking out about the obvious body changes. One of the blessing I have come to be grateful for is my obstetrician. If you remember in part 1 I wasn’t sure I was going to be comfortable with my doctor; however I thank God for her.

I was told, when looking for a doctor, don’t focus on race look for the best fit. Well, I find that race is a part of making the best choice. My obstetrician is a down to earth, thorough African-American female. I find that I don’t have to explain my concern about the mortality rate of black women in birth. She is also a mother and understands the importance of thorough care. I’ve come to find her OCD care comforting as I know she I carefully watching over my pregnancy as if it were her own. She is also very open to answering question I may have, and she takes my concerns seriously. I find that this is helping me settle into this pregnancy, and it takes my mind off of the high-risk label to a degree. Granted I still have to see a maternal specialist due to being labeled high risk. I admit I am not excited about the visit, and I am grateful I’m not going alone.

It is very important to have someone in these appointments with you, preferably dad if possible. Though it shouldn’t matter its important for the doctor and nurses to know you belong to someone and are not alone in this pregnancy journey. I’ll do what is best for my baby, so I’ll also be declining some of the testing I know will be offered.  I don’t need genetic testing as no outcome will change my decision to love this baby. Furthermore, I need peace of mind throughout this journey. Every mother has to make the testing choices according to their own conscious, family history and what will make them comfortable.

I have learned more about setting boundaries unapologetically. I realized I can’t be superwoman…I have to be pregnant woman. My calm, peace, and happiness is key for my health, baby and family. Never let others make you feel that it doesn’t matter what happens to you as long as baby is well. That’s foolishness as you are the vessel by which that baby will get here. If I’m not well baby can run the risk of not being well. Now that I’m able to do more with the sciatica at bay I find that I feel more like myself and am feeling my joy more every day.  I hope you stay on this journey to Baby Starr being born. Sharing testimony is one way we can help one another. I’ll definitely be back with my thoughts on the maternal specialist visit. Until them the focus is peace and health.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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