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Can’t Hate and Expect Blessings.

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( In todays society we feel that we have a right to speak on every issue just because it’s presented in a public manner. It never dawns on some of us that maybe we should leave certain matters alone. Unfortunately, minding one’s own business has never been something we tend to do well. If we aren’t careful our commentary will reveal envy, jealousy and even malice towards others…primarily other women. If they don’t do something the way we would have the shaming will commence, and too many sisters think this behavior is okay. What does the social dragging, and disregard for another sisters’ feelings, say about our heart…or faith for that matter. Could the ugly that we give one another have a hand in why some of us are waiting on blessing that we feel may never come?

Praying, and confessing God’s goodness over your life is a wonderful thing to do. However, we must not think God’s a magician nor that he’s blind when we inflict pain on our fellow sisters as life changes for them. If you are waiting on a mate…must you speak ill of women you claim to love when love finds them? Is it so hard to celebrate their moment? This is so unfortunate when the women come from your family, but you can’t even congratulate them because your mind is focused on “when am I going to get married”. In this space so much hurt is dispensed amongst women…and we wonder why our sister circles are battered.

This can also show itself in the quest for motherhood. Envy can show itself to be a deadly sword when sisters in our community become pregnant; ugly hurtful things are said, and done, to them because a fellow sister is upset she isn’t pregnant. Many pregnant sisters find themselves feeling alone because they aren’t treated with compassion by the women that love them most per se.  Yet the sisters displaying envious behavior are some of the same ones on their knees before God for a child.

If you are sowing ugly how can you reap blessing? This is something that we truly need to address as so many of our sisters are facing challenges with health while pregnant. In that season they need the positive energy. They need the community to love on them, pour goodness into that baby, and keep watch that so that she doesn’t lose her life as she gives life.

Sisters many of us know the scriptures. We know that blessings and curses ought not flow out the same vessel. We know we reap what we sow, yet too many of us sow hurt. Sometimes situations are simply not our business and there is nothing to speak on. If we can’t say something positive then yes, we need to be silent in many situations. If our words will not edify or correct an issue why are we engaging? For every person we hurt in this way our witness is further compromised. We can’t blame God for the lack when sometimes it is caused by the poison we put into our own fields, and we sowed such through our own sister.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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