Thursday, November 15, 2018

Making A Long Distance Relationship Work Is Easier Than You Think.

Tweet ( Love is such a wonderful thing that works in mysterious ways. The one thing we know about love is that we don’t pick and choose who to fall in love with. It just happens, we feel it inside us, and we know that we love this person. Sometimes, we fall in love with someone […]

Breaking Up is Hard to do: Getting Over an Ex.

Tweet ( It is a hard thing to put oneself out there only to be heartbroken in the end. The time, effort, and commitment a person gives are some of the greatest assets they have. To see it all die because a relationships didn’t workout is devastating to say the least. Experts have said that a […]

Knowing Your Worth.

Tweet ( Worth is defined as the quality that renders something useful or valuable. In today’s society the photo shopped bodies, edited pictures, and plastic surgery are driving our culture to an all time low. We all as people need to learn to focus on creating an overall image that we are satisfied with rather than […]

Womanism — The Woman’s Approach.

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Tweet ( Womanism is typically described as another form of feminism that places an emphasis on the natural contribution of women in society. The term womanism and feminism are similar but yet very different from one another. The feminist movement was a middle class movement for Caucasian women and they all but included African American women. […]

Considering Making A Move To A Medical Profession? You Should!

Tweet ( Moving to a medical profession can sound like a lot of hard work – and that’s because it is. Working in a medical career is hard work, requires endurance, a willingness to work long hours, and more. However, don’t let the hard work and long hours put you off. Here’s why you should […]

What Marketing Skills Stand Out On A Resume?

Tweet ( Now is an excellent time to get into marketing. Why? Well, for one thing, businesses are starting to put more emphasis on the sector because they understand its importance. As a result, there are more better-paid jobs that are available now than ever before. The problem is that lots of people have the same […]

The Dangers That Stem From ‘Good Times’.

Tweet ( If you’re like, well, anyone on Planet Earth – you never want the good times to end. Who would? Those parties – they need to last forever. Those romantic occasions? They need to go on evergreen. Those sit-down family meals with laughing and joking? Who’d want it to end? The fact is – life […]

What’s The Point In Saving Money.

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Tweet ( A lot of experts recommend that you save as much as you possibly can. Since the beginning of the latest economic crisis, people have been extremely reluctant to spend their money on anything. And, this makes sense. A lot of the World’s money troubles have been blamed on over spending. So, saving money is […]

Dealing with Dark Spots.

Tweet ( It is never fun having to deal with dark spots. They can be unsightly and cause our confidence to take a plunge. Whether you are a man or a woman, everyone wants to look good. From what we wear and how we style our hair to what’s on our faces, how people perceive us […]

Five ways to be a Better Coworker.

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Tweet ( In life, we spend our time, mostly, between two places- home and work. We labor hard to make sure that our home existence is in order. Whether that be making a to-do list for things around the house or hiring a housekeeper, we usually have it on lock on the home front. When it comes to work life, […]

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