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Five ways to be a Better Coworker.

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( In life, we spend our time, mostly, between two places- home and work. We labor hard to make sure that our home existence is in order. Whether that be making a to-do list for things around the house or hiring a housekeeper, we usually have it on lock on the home front. When it comes to work life, sometimes things can be a little trickier. It’s the place where you have to do certain duties, at a certain level, to maintain your livelihood. That means doing your work and, yes, it means getting along with your co-workers.

Some folks care and some don’t, but when it comes down to it, being a great fellow employee has its benefits. From having a peaceful work environment to potentially gaining an ally for future career prospects, it doesn’t hurt to get along with the people you see the most.

Let’s look at some ways to be a great co-worker.

Be Considerate

This may be hard to understanding, but people like people who think about others. This doesn’t mean that you bend over backward to please your suitemate. What it does mean is that you’re thoughtful and respectful and don’t try to undermine your co-workers just to get ahead. That stuff usually comes back to bite you in the you know what.

Be Honest

I believe in having discretion at work, but why lie about stuff that can potentially affect those with whom you work? This is especially true when it comes to working on projects. Be open and honest about what you can do so that everyone involved can be aware and plan accordingly.

Be Friendly

It doesn’t hurt to say hello every now and then. Flashing a smile here and there shows that you are approachable. Work is definitely about getting the job done, but it’s also okay to make friends and have some fun. No one wants to be around or work with the uptight snob who stays to himself or herself.

Be Mannerly

Please and thank you are the magic words. In the race to beat the “competition,” manners are sometimes lost. But when you are confident in your work and in who you are, there is no need to backbite, gossip or plot against others. Having a pleasant disposition does not mean that you are a push over a punk.

Be Nice

This is more than just having a kind demeanor. In this instance, I am referring to being a gossip. Workplace rumors are all too familiar and more times than not, they are the start of some nasty situations. Who wants to be known as the office gossip? You make not think it matters or even cares if it matters, but know that it does on more levels than you think.

Being a good coworker does not equate to being a suck up. What it does mean is that you should strive to be a decent human being and everything else will fall into place.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah

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