Sunday, February 25, 2024

Knowing Your Worth.

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( Worth is defined as the quality that renders something useful or valuable. In today’s society the photo shopped bodies, edited pictures, and plastic surgery are driving our culture to an all time low. We all as people need to learn to focus on creating an overall image that we are satisfied with rather than altering our appearance. Knowing your worth is very important, the very first part is loving yourself. Self love is always the best love but this is easier said than done. Everything we do is a starts with just one thought so be mindful and always compliment yourself.

Once you know your worth you will be content with the person you are, you have to first accept yourself and realize who and what you are. It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos of the world but even in tough times you have to know who you are. Knowing your worth means having dignity, self respect, and humbleness, in order to know you worth you have respect yourself and carry yourself in a respectful mannerism.

If you do not respect yourself then tell me who will? Going through situations also helps us to know our worth, after something happens it causes us as an individual to sit back and determine where we went wrong. When determining your worth it also lets you see your purpose. We all have a system in which we determine our values as a human being, which positively or negatively affects our self-esteem.

Your worth has is greatly affected by those you surround yourself with, which is a good thing if you are surrounded by positive people. The choices and decisions you make is also apart of your self worth, as well as your achievements. Avoiding stress or burdens helps to clearly know your self worth, we are all very different beings. When you know your worth there is nothing or no one that can bring you down because you simply carry yourself with a certain poise or grace.

Even when experiencing hard times, we have to let that be our motivation to get to greater times in life. None of us were given a manual at birth and of course we will all make mistakes and etc we have to have faith in ourselves. Once you have fully learned to love yourself, regardless of any mistakes or regrets you may have you have been successful at acknowledging your true worth.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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