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What Marketing Skills Stand Out On A Resume?

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(ThySistas.comNow is an excellent time to get into marketing. Why? Well, for one thing, businesses are starting to put more emphasis on the sector because they understand its importance. As a result, there are more better-paid jobs that are available now than ever before. The problem is that lots of people have the same idea, so the industry is saturated. Standing out from the crowd, then, can be hard work. The good news is that it isn’t impossible if you have the skills that employers desire.

Here are the skills that stand out to potential employers in the marketing trade.


Sure, degrees are ten a penny nowadays thanks to the bump in middle-class education. Still, not everyone chooses to go down the university path because it’s expensive. Also, some people aren’t better practical workers than they are academic. Luckily, their life choices can boost your application. Although they might have more experience, it doesn’t show up as well on a resume. What does stand out, though, is a good degree from a first-rate college. In fact, some companies don’t even contemplate candidates with zero formal qualifications.

Search Engine Optimization

If there is a skill that is more important in marketing, not many people know about it. Simply put, SEO is the biggest technique available, and employers want to exploit it. However, they can’t unless they employees in-house that specialize in the area or have the money to outsource. This is where you come in. If you have verifiable proof that you are an expert in the field, they will hire you on the spot. But, ‘verifiable’ is the optimal term here. Lots candidates say they can do it, yet fall short. Unfortunately, you won’t last long in the role if you’re one of these people.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Because of your time studying, you will know that marketing techniques are very varied. Indeed, there are hundreds if not thousands, and businesses want to use them all. They are greedy like that! Obviously, this poses a problem for most firms because it’s an almost impossible target to hit. Well, it is unless you understand integrated marketing. Quite simply, IMC collates every aspect of a marketing strategy into a manageable and effective campaign. The reason more candidates enroll in an IMC program is that employers are on the lookout for people with this skill. In truth, they are hunting them like big game on a safari.


A marketing campaign is pointless unless you collect data. Otherwise, you just guess what’s right and wrong. Thanks to analytic software, it is possible to collate a large volume of data and analyze the results. But, it’s only feasible if you’re an analytics expert because the programs are complicated and hard to understand. The great news is that Google Analytics offers certification for those that complete the exam. With a certificate under your belt, you can create and analyze strategies at the same time.

If you’re looking to get into marketing, the qualifications above are the place to start.

Staff Writer; Keisha Lee

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