Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Dangers That Stem From ‘Good Times’.

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(ThySistas.comIf you’re like, well, anyone on Planet Earth – you never want the good times to end. Who would? Those parties – they need to last forever. Those romantic occasions? They need to go on evergreen. Those sit-down family meals with laughing and joking? Who’d want it to end? The fact is – life isn’t built around good times, it is built up by the build up to good times. Good times can happen often, of course, but the really great occasions? We save them for the weekend.

We save good times for special occasions for a good reason. During the week, we’ve got to earn our bread and work hard. We need to spend our week resting and working so we can be the most productive member of society that we can afford to be. We want to do good in our jobs whether we work for someone or run our own business and we certainly want to put ourselves in the best position possible to add more money to our paycheck, do we not? Of course we do. The five days of the working week are all about grinding for that cash, and the two days of the weekend, they are about enjoyment.

The problem is, we overindulge on the weekend. For some, that is about over indulging in activities, for others – it can be substances. These behaviours that emerge usually on the weekend when the good times are happening need to be kept in check – as they can usually be behaviours that develop addictions and addictions can lead to the sort of consequences that can end up with you contacting a local DUI Lawyer because of reckless behavior. Take gambling for instance, when we win cash – we want to carry on, but that can turn a good time into a bad time when we lose money and try to win it back.

Being addicted to the good times isn’t anything to worry about – however, chasing the buzz is. Addiction is a real threat to people, and it can become something that ruins lives if it is not taken seriously. We all want the good times to last forever, but the truth is this. Those parties will end, those get-togethers will end, those dinners will end. We can’t continue our weekend behavior throughout life.

To be happy and live a good life, we need to extract the positive from the mundane and those five working days a week need to have the drips of happiness squeezed from them like an orange. If you’re stuck living for the weekend, you might find it easier to bring the negativity of addiction into your life in general. That’s a no-go. Enjoy your day, find the happiness of a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and a Thursday (for obvious reasons, we all love Fridays). If we try to force the good times to extend from the weekend by bringing our weekend behaviors to the weekday, it can have some disastrous consequences. When the good times stop, stop.

Staff Writer; Natasha Short

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