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Last I Checked You Aren’t God.

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( So many are walking this land hurting and confused. So many are trying to understand how they got into life’s quicksand, and they aren’t sure if they will make it out. Sometimes one is advised to seek mental health treatment, sometimes the advice is talk to family, sometimes one is told it’s time to balance self spiritually. There are a few areas in life that we must balance to be balanced as a whole. Mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional balance is very important…if we are off center in any area id affects the rest. As many of us question God, self, and our own spiritual needs it is very important for men and woman of God to understand they are NOT God. There are so many reasons as to why that statement is necessary. However, just to name a few misinterpretation of biblical text, scare tactics, thinking talking loud makes you right, and the plain and simple judgment & hypocrisy of the matter is leaving so many people without the spiritual help they need. The above mentioned is no fault of God’s, it is the fault of those that act as though they know God better than God knows himself.

I remember being in church and listening to a Pastor explain that you can’t pull a scripture out of the Bible and pay no attention to the verses above and beneath. The best example of this is still hearing people profess the bible says, “Vengeance is Mine”. Yes, it does say this, however that statement on its own can lead someone to believe they have the bible sanctioned right to carry our vengeance upon their behalf. However, if the person would have continued to read, they would fine that what is stated is “Vengeance is Mine, thus saith the Lord”. That is very important because the context changes in that moment. Clearly vengeance belongs to God is the point. There are too many that deem themselves so “taught of the Lord” that there is blatant misinterpretation of scripture for the purpose of getting someone(s) to do and live as those teaching feel they should. This completely unnecessary. God’s Word doesn’t need assistance. People deserve better.



When will church folk realize the scare tactics don’t work, and they corrode trust? I’ve personally had my salvation questioned on so many occasions in an effort to get me to “behave” in a manner someone else felt was Godly, or holy. Who died and made them God?! Look, so many people have access to a bible, can read, and have access to the internet. I’m in no way downplaying hearing from God or being moved in one’s spirit. However, not even God takes choices away from people. Using scare tactics violates the “with love and kindness have I drawn thee” position. Furthermore, the scare tactics distract from the message of God’s redemptive love, His grace, and His mercy. No person spiritually scaring others is without fault. That foolishness must stop, because in many cases it equates to lying whether that is the intent or not. Telling a Child of God they are not saved because they cuss, drink, backslid even, or have lost their way due to trauma is biblically a lie. More importantly it is hurtful, and that can be devastating to someone that is already in a battle for their existence.

Men and woman of God being loud and shutting others up will never equate to being right spiritually. How can you help someone if you are too prideful to actually listen to them? They don’t need you to tell them their life, they don’t need you to compare them to someone whom you feel as gone through more. They need you to act like a representation of the God you claim to serve. Church folks are good for cutting one off and telling you what they think you need to hear…and then what they think you need to do. If not careful this can quickly become condemnation because how dare this person who isn’t clergy tell you anything. How dare this person who has studied for themselves, but didn’t go to seminary, tell you anything. FYI, you are not God! If you can’t reach a person in love, even the correction can be in love, them be quiet please…and get yourself together spiritually.

Lastly, the judgement and hypocrisy must stop. While someone is trying to get their spiritual direction set because they are in a fight for their life and family…someone at church is judging them. Unfortunately, the one doing the judging is usually the biggest hypocrite because their house is also out of order. Thing is, no one knows about their situation, so it makes them feel a bit higher to descend on someone else. Shame on them! There should be no place in spiritual spaces, and sanctuaries for this kind of evil.

So many are in need of spiritual encouragement, direction, salvation, and restoration. They should be able to come to those claiming to have spiritual understanding, of God’s love and Word and find shelter. The church is having a hard time getting people to listen because they are tired of the beat downs of life, and they will not and can not withstand another. Men and woman of God last time we all checked…You are not God. We all fall short of the glory; that isn’t an excuse…it’s the truth. We should all give the grace and mercy our own life demands.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele

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