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How Possible Is It To Live Holy In Unholliness.

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( As time passes by, world civilization continues to evolve into simple complexities that involve past events, current traditions, and futuristic orders, that make up generations of programmed mental ideas and beliefs. Religion, being one idea that causes some confusion at times, but has always manifested its truth to those who choose to believe and have been chosen to become believers. In a world set on maintaining “normality” within abnormal constructs, it has often times been both an internal and external struggle for those who believe in a higher power and the doctrines thereof, to maintain a balance between living “the truth” and living “a lie.”

The religion of Christianity is the religion I practice and have studied for most of my 20s. I was not brought up in “the church” per se; we were the family that only went to church on holidays, and on rare occasions throughout the year; however, my mother always spoke about believing in God and having supernatural abilities that I, at the time, did not understand nor paid any attention to. As I began to go through life’s lessons and what one would probably define as life struggles, I began to develop more of a RELATIONSHIP with God, and began to understand the doctrines that followed. Although I started to become more in tune with my “spirit man” as time went on, I still managed to give in to certain temptations and quite frankly, didn’t want to give up certain behaviors (I still struggle with certain strongholds to this day). I joined an amazing church family, which was founded and led by Pastor Don Roy Moore, Jr. who preached frequently about holiness and living holy. He would always reference Romans 12:2 of the Bible which states that we as believers should, “not conform to the pattern of this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of [our] mind”. This particular scripture is extremely powerful in the context of the knowledge that is given to us about “HOW to live in a fallen world”; a popular question that most followers of Christ have asked and/or wondered how to do, at least once in their lives.

It is written, that we are living in a world which has continuously been programmed and reprogrammed to conduct itself in certain ways that go against the Word of God. In Romans 12:2, God is letting the believers know that there is a particular pattern that has been developed within this world we live in, BUT we must constantly RENEW our MINDS in order to “test and approve what God’s will is” for our lives!!! There’s constant opposition between Kingdom Building and World Seeking that goes on as an internal phenomenon for some of us who seek to build a relationship with God. I am willing to bet that when most of us were saved, we thought it would be an easy road. We were determined to live for God and die for God; to do whatever it took to be in good standing with The Lord.

Although, we may be genuine about our efforts to serve as one of Jesus’s disciples. we all can relate to giving into to the ways of the world through the various traps of the enemy; after all, the world is the devil’s play ground…and so is the mind! So, God does give us an answer to the question, “how do we live a saved life in a fallen world?” as posed by one of my Facebook friends. He simply tells us to “renew our mind”, to “transform our minds”. There is no way that, if we are in the land of the living, that we are able run away from world destruction, perversion, fornication, murder, one world orders, the coming of the anti-Christ, war, violence, temptation, malice, men being lovers of themselves, children disrespecting their elders, the love of money, the influence of idols, music, entertainment, etc. BUT, God does tell us that it is a daily process that includes “renewing our mind”.

I, personally, have explored many different techniques on renewing my mind and strengthening my spirit man, and burning my flesh “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities”. I would be lying if I said I practice these techniques daily, even though God clearly states this should be an every day occurrence (I obviously struggle with being obedient lol). Coincidently, it is in fact, when I neglect to strengthen my mind, that I fall into temptation. Sometimes what I know to do, does not line up with what I want to do, and that is why this walk requires an every day, mind renewing session…Peter the Apostle even tells us this in the New Testament. I’ll share with you some of the techniques that I have found work for when I am in need of renewal.

1. Prayer. I have been praying for as long as I have been saved. I thought for a while that it took eloquent words and dialogue with God in order for my prayers to be received, which at times, have caused me to cease from prayer (because I didn’t know what really to say, or I wasn’t being led by the spirit). But I have found that what works for me is being honest and straight forward with God, not blaming God, but taking responsibility for the things I was or am doing that is not pleasing to Him, and being humble enough to admit that I need His help redirecting those issues or challenges in my life. I know there are some things that I don’t want to give up so I ask that He will transform my mind to His will, but I do ask for protection in the midst of my confusion. I speak to God like I am holding a phone conversation with a friend…really, I do.

It’s very informal but I do follow the guidelines of prayer which is to acknowledge Him in worship, asking for His forgiveness before I ask of anything else, telling Him my struggles and my temptations (although He already knows), I ask Him to keep me and to protect me and my loved ones, and I then give Him praise (Just as like a template exemplified in the Lord’s Prayer). There are those times where I intercede for others, meaning I ONLY pray FOR THEM! not me, or for my blessings, but prayers going up for others! Whoever comes to mind, even if it doesn’t make sense, I’ll pray for. My prayers are definitely from the heart, and I don’t pray religiously or just because I’m supposed to, I pray because it is communion with God; a relationship that I value, not always right in, but the communication strengthens all aspects of the relationship I seek to build with Him. It is within the midst of my prayers that I find peace that surpasses all understanding. My mind is clearer after I pray, and I am able to put things into perspective as it relates to what God has for me, and what the world would like for me to indulge in.

2. Meditation. Meditation is a calming and tranquil technique that I have most recently adopted. When I meditate, I am focusing on balancing my soul, spirit and mind. I may burn sage, known to clear all negative spirits, as I meditate and I allow my mind to become centered with nature and the universe. God made all things, so I focus on becoming in tune with nature. When I pray I usually envision a natural environment like brooks, and streams of water, a blue sky, aligning myself with primal animals, wild animals that are allowed to roam free, such as I do with my thoughts when I am meditating. I find it important to balance my inner spiritual being so that I maintain an overt balance as well. I listen to calming music on Pandora, I sit on the floor as to become closer to the ground/earth, I cross my legs, rest both my hands on the base of my thighs, palms up so that I am able to feel positive energy being transferred into my spirit. This may be a bizarre or awkward technique for some that may not know much about meditation, but if you are aware that we are not only a spirit but a ball of energy that transfers positive and negative charges, you will understand more closely the benefits of meditation. Although meditation is not a common practice within Christianity, yet similar to prayer, I have found it beneficial to expand my thoughts about how to get closer to God, and more in tune with the things God has made, as oppose to getting closer to world systems.

3. Read the Bible. I commit to reading AT LEAST a verse in the Bible every day to receive confirmation, revelation, knowledge, and answers from God. I feel that the Bible is God’s way of speaking back to me. I also use the Bible for studying purposes and may refer to a book or other resources to assist with understanding. Reading the Bible reminds me what I ought to be doing and what I ought not to be doing. it re-MINDS me of God’s divine order, His will for our lives, and our place on earth to take dominion and power over all!


4. Seek Godly Counsel. I am blessed to have many people in my life who have experienced God’s presence in THEIR life, and who uses God’s advice as oppose to their own. I have always found it important to keep like-minded people around to help keep me accountable for some of the things I do or may want to do that are of the world. I can honestly say, I do not ask advice from those who I don’t feel seek Godly counsel even for their lives. This is not to say I don’t have friends who may not necessarily practice the word of God, but I don’t usually speak about my issues with those who aren’t spiritually connected. My friends and I, talk on the phone not about gossip, but the Word of God and that’s why I cherish the very few friends I do have…they keep me grounded.

5. Eating Healthy & Relying on Herbs to Help with Healing. I’m not sure if it has been scientifically proven but since changing my eating habits, my mind has become a lot clearer. I am able to logically configure my feelings and react in a more healthier way than before. While searching for healthy foods to cook for me and my son from day today, I also stumbled across home remedies and foods that help heal the body; foods that naturally go against disease such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. I’ve found that raw sage, garlic, onion, greens, sweet-grass, and even peppermint have some amazing natural sources that cures and heals the body and soul. I tell you, taking care of your internal health will automatically assist with reducing stress and allows for the equilibrium to become more balanced. If your mind is cluttered and your body is also with toxins, how would you be able to renew the mind? where would you have room for renewal? It all goes hand-in-hand.

So, I shared with you my top 5 techniques that I have found helpful in renewing the mind, which is God’s answer to how we can maintain holiness in a far from holy world. Again, I want to note that I have not mastered it all as it relates to resisting some temptations; we are ALL works in progress BUT progress, I believe, is what God is looking for above perfection. Renewing the mind is essential to being able to maintain a spiritual connection in a fallen world.

I want to personally thank Danita Webb, who inspired this article. Ms. Webb has overcome many obstacles that perhaps “the world” would have deemed a curse, but her testimony has become a blessing to many, including her growing family. I am sure the renewing of her mind allowed her to overcome many of the traps the enemy attempted to set for her. Thank you Danita for your support, your courage and your commitment in showing us how to live as a virtuous woman in a seemingly fallen world!

Staff Writer; Kara Warner

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