Thursday, September 21, 2023

You Might as Well Cuss.

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( I have very tense relationship with denominational religion, because a hypocrite is something I simply cannot abide. It is very difficult to open one’s heart up when their vulnerability in that space is a kin to pain and suffering. Everyone knows so much about how you should behave, and how you need to walk before God…but they tend to forget to make sure you can walk. Every member won’t be the same, and comparing pain, instead of using the overcoming of pain as a testimony is such a tragedy. God never asked everyone to look and sound the same…well he made us different. However, he asked for all of us to do better as we learn better. Have you ever noticed how much time Christ spent with sinners while he was on earth? Have you ever noticed the amount of care and compassion Christ displayed when he was ministering to sinners?

This is the “walk in love” we hear so much about, but so many of us rarely experience such a thing. A person could be drowning in sorrow, on the brink of losing their will to live, and lose that battle because they cried out and cussed while doing so. They will be cut off in their display of and the point that they cussed will become more important than the truth that they were literally battling to stay alive. This taking a small aspect of someone’s person and deeming them unworthy of salvation, the love of Christ…and a blessed life is an indictment against the heart of the accuser. Their heart is so corrupted they might as well cuss.


Growing up a nerdy child I understood that I was a bit different from those I was around. I valued knowledge, and I wanted to understand The Word when I went to church. As I became an adult, I valued the understanding and the move of the Spirit. I wanted to be taught…nit just have emotional highs on Sunday they wouldn’t do anything for me when it came to how I needed to order life. Paul has always been my favorite Apostle as he was the coming together of scholarship, and a move of the Spirit. I felt validated every time I read books penned by him. Yet, I am a woman so in some denominations it wasn’t deemed lady like for a woman to trade intelligence with a man. The older men would tend to shout over you as if raising their voices made them right. They would tell you you’re wrong; they wouldn’t know either way since no word you’ve spoken has been heard. Oh, but they latched on to the fact that every now and then you cuss.

Cussing all of a sudden, became the one unforgivable sin I had committed that separated me from the salvation, sanctification, and love of God. This “flaw” in my character was more important than my heart. It was more important than the love, care, compassion, and devotion for which I live life. This might sound hilarious, but it happens too often to those that dare to “study to show themselves approved”. The issue is we are more worried about cussing then abuse of power. We are more concerned about the past of others, than our heart towards them when we “lead them the Christ”.

There is so much judgement, and those judging have issues that they need to address themselves. If many of us took the time to assess self, we’d find there isn’t much time for throwing others under the bus because are “standing in the need of prayer”. If you are going to treat others poorly, silence the voice God gave them, and stand in judgement of a life you don’t know you might as well cuss. I say this because in that space you are no better than those you judge. As a matter of fact, you might find yourself in a worse condition spiritually, and where matters of one’s heart is concerned. Granted, I work not to cuss as much, but I’d rather have a potty mouth, than a judgmental heart towards others. It is important that we learn how to love one another in the spirit of what love should truly be about.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele

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