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Church Should Be More Than Routine.

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( Spirituality is vital to existence regardless of ones acknowledgement, or knowledge of such. In such a space everything has a purpose. There is no such thing as mundane action and movement. Everything that we do that has an effect on our natural space effects our spiritual existence. Understanding is key to spirituality. It can’t be governed in the same manner that we handle day to day routines. Our belief systems and how they are practiced is not just a repetitious action that satisfies our ability to be able to speak in certain spaces. The routine is not in place to give us the right to judge and condemn others…its no there for hypocrisy sake. Within Christian circles we are still fussing about routine verses deliberate action. Why do you make it your business to get to church every week? Do you invite others and if so, why? Does attendance in the house of worship make you better, or holier than the next brother or sister in Christ? Does the disciple to show up every week equate to salvation? These are just some of the questions that one can have with self to determine if mid course corrections need to be made so that church more of than merely attendance.


If you believe in heaven and hell, you might be shocked at who you see in heaven. There very well may be brothers and sisters there that did not attend service every Sunday. Many factors could contribute to that from work, to illness, to difficulty getting there. The problem arises when we feel one’s routine validates us before the eyes of the congregation. Hate to break it to you, but when dealing with spirituality that’s not how this works at all. Every action serves a purpose. Church should be more than just something you have to say you did. It should be a path to greater understanding of God’s word. It can be a time where you acknowledge the need for corporate prayer, praise, and worship. It’s a space whereby we can receive exultation, healing balm, and instruction. There should always be a purpose as to why we enter places of worship, in part because it informs our spirit to where we are as we are advocated for in another space.

Unfortunately, church has become mere mundane routine passed of as holiness. It has become, for some, a sharp weapon used to judge the salvation and sanctification of others. Why one should assemble in the congregation, and the power of that assembly is lost in that moment. People know the difference between being asked “did you go to church” as a question of concern, verses rebuke or judgement. It is understood that every “church” is not a place of love and healing. Some of them are toxic whereby the spirit of hurt, harm, abuse, and blatant misinterpretation of sacred scripture for the purpose of control exist. Even knowing this some would rather you call into those places for the sake of saying you went to church. That is dangerous and too many don’t recover from that exposure to evil…as they were completely vulnerable when it happened. I know this is will be an unpopular statement, but going to church every Sunday will not guarantee your place in heaven. Though that is uncomfortable for some, it is the truth.

No one is saying don’t go to church. No one is saying it is not important. What is being addressed is the motive. Why we do what we do, our intention, especially when dealing with spiritual matters is important. Furthermore, it is out life actions and works that will draw others. This seems to be forgotten in too many spaces. Take the time to set your intention when entering the house of worship and let that shine through your spirit. Allow others around you to see your genuine care for their spiritual state as they see you tend to your own state. There is always to be love…an active growing love and care. This is more than routine which can become mindless and lead to ugliness. Care about where that soul ends up to get the help they need. Want better for them even if, for the moment, it’s virtual church service as there really are spiritual deserts out here. Church is more than routine…it should be a gateway to the spiritual needs while standing as an example of how life should be nurtured.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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