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Evil Doesn’t Flee From Denomination.

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( It seems like there is a misunderstanding within the church. When it comes to matters of sin everyone knows so much, and yet not enough. There isn’t enough focus on self-accountability. Too many folks know “The Word” yet the understanding is lacking. Everyone seems to know God better than he knows himself. There is tradition that can be deemed dangerous, and a lack of compassion a mile long. Yet, through it all anything can be covered as long as denominational lines are kept. Baptist, A.M.E., C.O.G.I.C., Non-Denominational, and any other organization you can think of is clung to like it is salvation within itself.

How does this help individuals grow, and learn how to better self? Many of us grew up being told about the evil that runs rampant in this world. We all had to make sure we were not giving ourselves over to sin…we needed to resist the evil, more so the devil, so that he would leave us. It was important to live a life that would make the devil flee. The question is…how does denomination fit into that equation? The answer is difficult due to indoctrination, but its simple…it doesn’t. The “devil” isn’t going to flee from any denomination. Evil can walk into the same front door are you.

If you think this is an attack on religion know that it absolutely is not. What is under attack is the piety of denomination because not only is it wrong, but it’s divisive. How are we to tell our people to come together, but they can fight each other in the space of religion? Think about it, if our community is divided into religious factions, it will affect how we see each other, and if we can trust the humanity in each other. It’s not going too far when one’s moral compass, and principal foundation, can often be tied to their spiritual beliefs. If you couple that with denominational indoctrination, then it’s no longer about if you believe in God…but if you believe in him (not so much according to the Bible) according to the standards created by said denomination. This leads us to if we are good people, if one lived a “holy” life, if you’re “saved”, if you are sinful, and all of this determines how one is treated. While this war is raging…what can be considered truly an evil is having its way in the church and community. While this fight is happening…the body count within our communities increases, and those needing to be embraced with the love and support churches should give are shunned or turned off.


Let’s level for a moment. Being Baptist, A.M.E., C.O.G.I.C., Non-denominational, or any other denomination, doesn’t make evil nor the devil leave you and your family alone. One’s denomination doesn’t make them holier than the next. No group has a patent on holiness, praise, worship, prayer, pain, attacks, salvation, healing, nor deliverance.  If you believe evil and the devil exist, your denomination isn’t going to provide some shield of protection that covers you while all the rest of God’s children deal with the reality of evil without cover. That’s not bible, and its not what Christians should want to see happen each other. Romans 10:9 is the same regardless of what denomination you’ve joined. It’s like, we want the youth to understand that regardless of what “set” you claim you’re black; you should care about what happens to your brother on the streets regardless of what color he wears…or what hood he’s from.

This can’t be preached to the youth in community, and be respected, while there is a great hypocrisy that exists…and they can see it. Can we get to a point where the condemnation stops? It’s one of the greatest evils afoot in the church and it is perpetuated by those that claim to be Christians. Too many are willing to verbally say “we need to walk in love”, until they must love that fellow believer from another “set”. Set… that doesn’t sound right in a conversation about church folks, but unfortunately it fits. What does it mean to be a Christian, and how much has doctrine shaped how we see the world? If we aren’t careful we’ll become the evil we fear simply due to the lack of love that exists in the building that is suppose to be the House of God.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele

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