Monday, November 29, 2021

This Pandemic May be a Test of Our Humanity.

The test will be the ability to share, that thing we try to teach the children, and care for others. The care can come in many ways…helping someone elderly so they can get indoors, feeding children, offering encouragement, or even slowing down on the hoarding of supplies. This coronavirus will be a test of our humanity. It will show to be humane towards each other…or worse than the virus itself.

It’s Never Too Late to Start Over.

No one has the right to take that away from you, and they can’t if you don’t allow such. Starting over, and manifesting this new direction is you taking ownership of your life, and your quality of living. Those that exist in fear never have the opportunity to live. This doesn’t have to be you. If you are tired of what you are doing and seeing everyday in your life begin the process of changing it. It won’t happen overnight, but you will be on your way to a life in which you are happy and fulfilled.

Alison Vaughn finds a ‘smart and sexy’ way to empower African American women.

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Vaughn, the author of “Ms. Goal Digger, Success is Sexy,” a guide for today’s businesswoman, said there was an abundance of “smart and sexy” fun during her event, including accurate fittings and free foundational garments from Smart & Sexy, one of the largest privately held lingerie companies in the country.  But all fun aside, Vaughn said the mission of her organization is too important to be stopped or slowed down by anything.

Come Back to the Core.

If you are wondering why you do not have these, it is not your fault.  Recent generations have not had very clear core values established for various reasons.  It has been kind of difficult to lay out values when you are constantly being judged or criticized for what you believe.  That does not mean you can not start today with coming back to your middle. Come back to your core values.

She Doesn’t Wish You Well.

It is understandable that you’d find it hard to leave a sister that has been with you so long. However, you must be honest about your relationship. At the very least you deserve the care you give. It becomes a dangerous space when we put ourselves in competition against someone that loves us. You don’t want anyone in your village that doesn’t wish you well, nor want to see you thriving.

White Women and Elizabeth Warren.

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Maybe it’s time to serious move away from that term and chose one of our own be it Womanism or something else. White women are not loyal to each other, and they most certainly aren’t loyal to women of color. Given the state of this country one would hope that white women have learned their lesson. But then again we know better, and Elizabeth Warren just has to wait to find out what will happen next, but it’s obvious her plan to be president for now is over.

The Bubble: Harming or Helping.

I do, however, applaud Lizzie for knowing herself and her truth.  In the aforementioned interview, she admits that her personality has stayed consistent. She does not care where she is.  She is going to be who she is unapologetically.  Is the bubble she is in good or bad?  The answer to that question is very subjective. However, knowing how the bubble can help or harm you will assist in cultivating you into the person you want to be.

Now, More Than, Ever, Patients Must Know Their Rights.

Tweet ( Covid-19 has everyone a lot more concerned about the health care system and many are currently addressing the question of how a predominantly private-system can handle a global crisis such as the one we face. Furthermore, many citizens are wondering about what rights they might have within that system. We all have patient […]

The True Power Of Community (And How To Get Involved!)

Tweet ( Being part of a community is a special feeling. Even the most introverted among us do require some form of social contact, and being with an ‘in-group’ of people you love and respect is often a feeling quite unlike any other. Yet it can sometimes feel, especially in current times where pressured societal […]

How to Manage Your Time and Optimize Your Work Day.

Tweet ( We women are all busy these days, whether you’re a working mom or a professional woman climbing the corporate ladder. With so many things to juggle, it can be hard to stay on top of your mounting workload, let alone find some time to rest and recharge.  There are some ways to change […]

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