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White Women and Elizabeth Warren.

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( Where is Elizabeth Warren? Why did she have to drop out of the race for the Democratic Nomination? The obvious answer is Super Tuesday wasn’t good to her right? Warren was gutsy whether you liked her or not. She was clearly not intimidated by her male counterparts. It could be argued that she single handedly destroyed poor Mike Bloomberg during the debates. Why is it the caucuses weren’t in favor of her? Was she really worse than her male running mates? She most certainly had a plan to stir this country in what could be seen as a progressive direction that did not favor keeping a foot on the neck of the American middle class.

To be honest as a black woman I was very interested in her position on many issues though I did not necessarily view her as an immediate ally. She reminded me of Hillary Clinton in the sense that this woman is fearless. She looked like the kind that would come for the head of these white men and sleep at night…wait she did do that. Did she really have the support of white women, or were they on the Bernie or Biden path?

This might seem unrealistic, but for all the women’s movement talk in this country white women can’t seem to truly put their fighting power behind a white woman. As black women this is something we should really look at. Elizabeth Warren did not have the following one would think she should have from white women. What are they afraid of? So, after they abandon Hillary Clinton in large number for Donald Trump these women want to march after the election in outrage.

That anger, as we all know, should have been reserved for election day. Having a woman in power will require white women to put in a different kind of work, and she won’t be moved by certain arguments. One can see that the power of a white women is more secure when a white man is in power. Too many of these women voted in line with their fathers, brothers, husbands, and male friends. They did not do what was in the interest of the cause of the women’s movement that they claim to be so committed to.

Elizabeth Warren was a formidable candidate and she should have received the support of her own. However, just as she didn’t take crap off white men…she would not have taken it off white women either. If there is to ever be a female president in this country white women will actually have to stand behind that candidate with conviction. I just don’t think they are ready to do that. Black women need to understand what’s at stack when we look at the Feminist movement. Maybe it’s time to serious move away from that term and chose one of our own be it Womanism or something else.

White women are not loyal to each other, and they most certainly aren’t loyal to women of color. Given the state of this country one would hope that white women have learned their lesson. But then again we know better, and Elizabeth Warren just has to wait to find out what will happen next, but it’s obvious her plan to be president for now is over.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele

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