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The Bubble: Harming or Helping.

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(ThySistas.com) Lizzo, singer of such songs like “Juice” and “Truth Hurts”, had an interview after her famed night at the Lakers game.  At the game, she got up and danced which revealed the bottom part of her dress being cut out to reveal her buttocks and thong she was wearing. In her interview, she told told Gayle King that she stays in “her positive bubble” as a way of dealing with the negativity that people have expressed about her choice.

The bubble she referred to is a very common mechanism when it comes to dealing with conflict and criticism.  In this bubble, whatever you say goes.  You are always right. Your thoughts are the only ones that matter.  You choose what you will accept and what you will not accept.  Everything is based off of you.  Louis Armstrong said it best. It is truly “A Wonderful World” to be in, but is it really positive?  Is it really safe?  Is it really great?

One way to look at this bubble is to consider its ability to help you develop yourself.  In this small area, you have to come to terms with what you are willing to put up with from yourself. This bubble will definitely assist you in helping you decide your likes, your positive characteristics, your core values and beliefs, and anything that centers on who you are as a person.  It is the only way you can survive the bubble.

On the other hand, this bubble does not prepare you for the outside world.  You do not have a chance to experience multiple personalities.  These characters are ready and prepared to give you lessons in heartache, disappointment, and other not-so-happy experiences that help cultivate a well-rounded person. These experiences may hurt, but the lessons you learned from the experiences help you to be a great person. Think of it as being homeschool from Preschool to the 8th grade. Then, you have to experience the world of a public education high school. Different classes. Different teachers. Different personalities. The “bubble” of homeschool did not teach you or prepare you for these experiences.

Did I want to see Lizzo’s butt? Nah, I am okay not seeing other people’s anatomy that I do not like looking at on my own.  As a plus size person,  there could have been another outfit that would be just as awesome for that type of game.  Also, keep in mind that she made it through her close circle, security, several elevators, and other Laker fans before making it to her place on that court.  People had a choice to tell her in love their thoughts, but they did not. While I understand the reason for not opening their mouths, I also think that expressing disappointment after the butt ends up dancing with the Laker Girls is a little late.

I do, however, applaud Lizzie for knowing herself and her truth.  In the aforementioned interview, she admits that her personality has stayed consistent. She does not care where she is.  She is going to be who she is unapologetically.  Is the bubble she is in good or bad?  The answer to that question is very subjective. However, knowing how the bubble can help or harm you will assist in cultivating you into the person you want to be.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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