Friday, April 12, 2024

This Pandemic May be a Test of Our Humanity.

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( What is humanity? This is the question we must ask ourselves and history rolls back around, and we come to realize some writers were given the vision when they wrote what we are now living. Humanity, it something we are told is marked love, compassion, empathy, and being able to see the human in the next person. That is beautiful ideal sounds great until it is tested outside of individual spaces and communities. There are some that would see the nature of human as something opposite of that beautiful ideal. Humanity can be cruel…hateful, selfish, and bloody. We’ve seen it in history books, and in this day and time. Right now, the world is on alert as the coronavirus raises havoc in many countries in the world. It seems no one immune to the effects this virus has caused within the world in a short amount of time. How do we view out neighbor or do we see people as our neighbors?

This virus has put so many people in the world in a financial bind. We are faced with the reality that we many very well be ordered by government to be shut in. What will happen with our bills, how will we continue to feed our family, and what do we do with our massive mistrust of government? Anxiety is triggered all over this nation as we watch what is happening in countries like Italy, and as we read about the hotspot for this virus within our own country.

Life as we know it is changing rapidly, and in some ways we are powerless to stop it. This may very well be a test of strength, humility, compassion, and humanity as a whole. Are we able to abandon the issues that divide us in this nation? The coronavirus doesn’t care about race, class, religion, nor sexuality…it will infect indiscriminately. If that person doesn’t have the immune system to fight the virus…it will kill regardless of the above mentioned.

We are already seeing the fear and panic in stores as citizens hoard shop with no regard for others. There are tussles in stores that are just as harmful as the disregard for public calls to not assemble in large groups. Some are fighting, and others are dismissing the threat of the coronavirus; both of these positions so a lack of regard for those within our community. Humanity is a challenge when everything about the country we live in stress looking out for self. This doesn’t mean we don’t have caring communities. However, this pandemic is calling us to see our nation, and the world as our community. Humanity is what’s on the table, and it requires for than “sorry that’s happening to you”.

The test will be the ability to share, that thing we try to teach the children, and care for others. The care can come in many ways…helping someone elderly so they can get indoors, feeding children, offering encouragement, or even slowing down on the hoarding of supplies. This coronavirus will be a test of our humanity. It will show to be humane towards each other…or worse than the virus itself.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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