Saturday, January 23, 2021

Far From The Couch: Finding The Right People To Remote Work For You.

Tweet ( One of the biggest tasks any of us have in finding the right candidate is making sure they are a good fit in a cultural sense. When we have candidates applying for a role that involves remote work, or is completely revolved around being located remotely, we need to ensure that the right […]

Tips For Keeping Your Teenage Driver Safe On The Road.

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Tweet ( The day when your teenage son or daughter passes their driving test is a day of celebration. Finally, they will have the freedom to travel wherever they please, and you will no longer have the burden of ferrying them around, be that to school, college, the shopping mall, or anywhere in between. However, […]

5 Things You and Your Teenage Can Do This Summer.

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Your teen may be resistance to do some of these things with you in the beginning but always offer your attention and time to them.  Never just assume that they don’t want you to be a part of their lives.  They are becoming their own individual human being and so give them space when needed to process what’s going on in their lives and whenever you do spend time with them, enjoy every moment of it and be present in those moments.

Pregnant at 37: The Final Chapter.

We know we want two more children, and we are praying for two more boys. We know that might not seem like the norm, but its not something we have to justify…its what we want. It has been an honor to share this journey with our readers and I hope it inspires mothers, and mothers to be, to embark upon this journey at your own pace, and by your own rules.

Food is Medicine.

We have to get beyond vegetables that are cooked down to the point the nutritional value is gone. It is important to encourage each other to eat fresh and allow our food to strengthen and heal our body. I truly believe my grandma was correct as my diet has played a large part in literally keeping me alive. Allow your food impart wellness into your life.

When’s the Right Time for Your Business to Outsource?

June 19, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( Outsourcing is a concept that’s all about taking some of the tasks that would otherwise have been done in your office by your team and instead giving them to external companies to take care of instead. It’s something that lots of businesses in all kinds of sectors and industries now do, and maybe […]

7 Small Store Ideas That Every Area Needs.

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Tweet ( If you want to start a business but find that you are having a hard time narrowing the potential’s list down to a single, but yet successful business idea for your local area, don’t worry as here are some of the most promising and potential business ideas for start-ups in local small towns […]

Making Your Brand Stand Out From The Crowd.

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Tweet ( When it comes to running a business there are a lot of different hats you need to put on to be a success. You need to be confident in sales, smart with numbers, and creative with marketing. A huge part of marketing for a brand is creating the brand in the first place, […]

Make Sure The Summer Doesn’t Cost You More Than You Expect.

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Tweet ( Now, everyone knows that there’s much to love about summer. The weather is fine, everyone’s up for an adventure and having fun, there’s just an easy-going atmosphere in the air. It’s a great time of year. However, it’s also true that the season can place havoc with our finances, nearly as much as […]

Many of Us Have Amazing Fathers.

Let’s return the favor today by killing the negativity on Father’s Day. It’s time we dispel that myth that black fathers don’t exist. They are everywhere loving their children, providing for their family, and working along side black women to fight for our communities. Take the time to uplift, and encourage black fathers as they continue to impact the lives of their children, and all of our children.

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