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Pregnant at 37: The Final Chapter.

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( Last time I checked in with you I was moving into my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. This experience was very different from my first. I found that my appetite completely disappeared, and it felt like I was carrying an anvil. Walking was mandatory, but it became a different kind of labor. However, I found that my excitement grew as my birthday was near and my due date. This pregnancy taught me so much about defying odd and living according to my truth. Due to my age, the baby’s estimated weight, and the nonexistent blood pressure issue, it was suggested that they induce my labor at 38 weeks.

I spent my entire pregnancy doing everything that was asked of me. I knew in my heart of hearts I wanted this process to be as natural as possible, and I would be willing to discussed being induced just not before 40 weeks. Everyone I talked to thought I was outside of my mind for trying to go 40 weeks as what would be 38 yrs old. Sisters never let anyone tell you what you can’t do when their reasoning has nothing to do with wellness. Sometimes you have to block out all the naysayers and trust your own energy.

On May 11th I turned 38yrs old, but I couldn’t celebrate too much as my due date was May 16th. I felt comfortable once everyone was in place: mom had arrived, and my doctor was back in town. My husband took me walking in the mall and Walmart trying to work the baby down. It worked some, but we ended up making two trips to labor and delivery because we didn’t know if my water broke, and my doctor needed to see how far along I was. Both times ended up with me being sent home. My due date came, and baby boy was not here. I agreed to be induced at 40weeks and one day which was May 17th.

I knew that day this child was coming into the work, and as far as I knew I was ready. I was so much more mentally prepared this time around, though I was introduced to Pitocin to induced which completely turned my world upside down. I never thought I’d do it but after about 9 of the more excruciating contractions known to man, I called for the epidural which was a heaven sent. Unlike my first delivery this one moved quickly. The actual delivery took everything I had, and strength I didn’t know I had. I remember hearing his shoulders are stuck, but I remained calm, as I saw the calm on my husband’s face. After a few more hard pushes I heard the best sound in the world. That baby had lungs, and he was here.

We had done it! Trae was names after his father, and he entered the world at 1:21p weighing 9lbs 5.4oz 22 ¾ in long. Just when I thought I couldn’t be happier I realized my mother and husband were having a discussion as they looked as him and I thought I heard my dad mentioned, however I was so tired I couldn’t be sure. When my son was placed in my arms I almost cried! He had my father’s chin; I could see my father in him which was more than I could ever ask for.

The icing on this wonderful cake was seeing my 5yr old’s reaction to his new baby brother. There was wonder, excitement and a lot of love.  My oldest has been super big brother ever since. We know we want two more children, and we are praying for two more boys. We know that might not seem like the norm, but its not something we have to justify…its what we want. It has been an honor to share this journey with our readers and I hope it inspires mothers, and mothers to be, to embark upon this journey at your own pace, and by your own rules.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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