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Seasons of Dating.

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( Relationships go through various stages just like the four seasons every year.  Now unlike the actual seasons in the calendar year that has a certain date and time that they begin, relationship seasons can be quick lasting a few days or weeks or a particular season can last for years.

Here are some examples of the seasons of dating:

Spring: The relationship is fresh and new or newly exciting.  You two are happy all of the time and eager to spend as much time as you can together.  You spend hours on the phone or texting each other frequently throughout your work day.

Summer:  Let’s turn this thing up a notch.  You two have been having a great time and decide to become more exclusive.  Instead of weekly date nights, you’re seeing each other at minimum of three times a week.  You’re sleeping over each other’s dwellings and someone has added a toothbrush next to yours.  You’ve finally introduced your boo to your friends and family so now they’re hanging out at the family bbq’s and date nights are now couples night out gatherings.  The sex is definitely hot and better than ever before.

Fall:  Someone in the relationship begins to feel that they need some space.  The warm cuddles turn to cold shoulders at night.  No all-day texting between you two and date nights….what’s that?  This is the time where your partner starts feeling a shift in feelings and begins to distant themselves so that they can figure things out.  If you’re the partner who is getting those cold shoulders, you’re trying to figure out when did the relationship begin to fall?  What happened to the late nights and early mornings?  Then the it gets real…..

Winter:  Doors slamming, you two argue over everything and anything or infidelity possibly happened but you just can’t prove it yet.  In this season, it’s tough to hold onto the relationship because you two have literally hibernated into your own spaces.  Your flaws and all irritates your partner and theirs irritate you as well, business meetings last longer than ever before and your partner does pretty much any and every thing to avoid dealing with the relationship.  Yikes!

What if I told you that seasons of dating don’t always go in order?  You can be slamming doors one minute and having hot and better sex the next (be careful that you’re not in a toxic relationship) or you can go from new spring butterflies in your stomach to being ghosted the next.  Again, these seasons can last for long or short periods of time.  Note that all relationships won’t be perfect but some seasons are tougher to get through than others and you definitely need to communicate with your partner to avoid one sided relationships.

Communication is key in any of the seasons that you go through with your partner.  If you notice a change in behaviors, talk about it.  If you suspect infidelity, talk about it.  If you’re getting cold shoulders instead of those warm cuddles and kisses, talk about it.  Don’t continue to stay in toxic relationships or relationships that keep you guessing and dealing with mind games.  Relationships requires the commitment of two people in order for them to work effectively.

What season of dating are you in?

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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