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4 Career Sectors That Are The Most In Demand Today.

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(ThySistas.comIf you are in a position where you can change career – whether you’re considering going back to work after childbirth or you’ve left your previous company, or maybe you’re feeling bored in your job – it can be helpful to sit down and review your chances. As a rule of the thumb, unless your professional experience is in demand or highly relevant to contemporary projects, you may want to embrace a new career, especially if your current professional choice didn’t end well. Sometimes, you might still be comfortable in your professional role, but you feel that you’re hitting a wall with no chance of a promotion or an increase in responsibilities. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to check out what sectors are booming at the moment to find out whether there’s an inspiration to change professional direction. So what professional sectors are rising and where could you make your next move to grow your career?

Healthcare is always in demand

The healthcare industry is and has always been in high demand, especially as health is so precious and so difficult to manage. With the life expectancy reaching record ages, it’s no wonder that doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners are kept busy every day. If you’re considering a move in this challenging to vital career, you can start by taking the online MSN program, which will get you a Master of Science in Nursing. While you may not end up in a nurse career in the long term, it’s the best way to get a real picture of what it’s like to save lives for a living. Be warned though, working in healthcare centers means a high-stress environment, so it’s not the right direction if you can’t keep your cool. However, if you love helping people and improving their lives, you will find joy and meaning in the healthcare industry.  

Coding means work and exciting projects

If you’re someone who can’t imagine life without a minimum of 12 apps open at the same time on your smartphone and a laptop screen in front of you, then you may be pleased to know that the digital sector is still rising and looking for new talents. Coding, especially, is the most critical skill of the future as without programming talents there can be no digital coordination. According to Burning Glass, a job market analytics company, programming jobs overall are rising 12% faster than the market average. In fact, no less than 7 million job openings in 2015 require programming knowledge. In short, it’s a sector with no sign of long-term unemployment. More importantly, coding offers a variety of positions in every industry sectors, as most businesses nowadays use software tools.

Environmentally responsible jobs to save the planet’s future

You are probably aware of the pollution risks and the climate damages that the industrial lifestyle has generated. Now is the best time to embrace a green career and make the world a better and healthier place for the future generations. However, green roles have evolved too, and if you’re under the impression that respecting nature means working on an isolated farm, you’re much mistaken. You could instead become an urban grower and create your own vegetable or fruit garden in the middle of a metropolitan area. Believe it or not, but some have built an apple orchard on top of the high-rises of Vancouver. If you want to help clean the mess that the human race is leaving behind, how about a recycling career that can reduce waste and save precious resources?

Does it pay to be artistic? YES it does

If you’ve always ignored your artistic gene, it’s now time to make the most of it. You can make a decent living while embracing a creative career, as unbelievable as it sounds. Makeup artists, for example, have a median annual salary of over $60,000 which is inspiring, especially if you love using a color palette to magnify natural beauty. If you love words, you’d be pleased to know that creative writers earn even a better living with the creation of scripts, essays, prose and poetry. If you’ve got an eye for fashion and you know everything about the right style, a fashion designer gives life to new trends with a median annual salary of $65,170.

What if it means changing your career?

Admittedly, these new professional directions might need you to get qualified and make sacrifices to succeed. But moving jobs is not always a bad thing. Who knows where you will find your success?

In short, there’s only one question left for you: Are you ready to go where the job market needs you to be?

Staff Writer; Sherry Short

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