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Activities to Improve Your Hearing.

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(ThySistas.comAs we get older, our hearing can suffer. It’s not unusual for older people to become hard of hearing or even deaf after a lifetime of using their ears at their optimum, and perhaps, in some cases, abusing them with lots of loud gigs and the like. If you’re concerned about the state of your hearing, and you want to preserve it as best you can going forward, there are plenty of activities you can get stuck into that will help no matter how young or old you are right now…

Solve Some Puzzles

Whether it’s crosswords or sudoku that do it for you, playing puzzles regularly helps to keep the brain in good shape, and since the brain plays a vital role in processing the sounds our ears pick up, it’s pretty important to look after it. When the brain starts to atrophy, lots of negative things can happen, from suffering more with anxiety and depression to the development of Alzheimer’s – it’s not just hearing loss- so make an effort to do something every day that really gets your brain working.

Start an Ear Cleaning Routine

Keeping your ears clean is a good way to improve your hearing, especially if you’re young and you’ve noticed a change in your hearing without anything else being wrong. This guide to cleaning your ears safely should tell you everything you need to know about looking after your ears. Make it a regular part of your routine, and your hearing is likely to improve.

Try Yoga

There are some people who swear that yoga helps to improve their hearing. They believe that certain poses, like the lotus, cobra and triangle poses, boost circulation to the ears, which improves the functioning of the nerves in that area and helps to remove any waste that has ended up there. Although this hasn’t really been studied by science, it might be worth a try because, after all, yoga is a pretty healthy activity in itself.

Exercise Each Day

If you don’t want to take up yoga, at least try to do some exercise each day because it will get your blood flowing, do wonders for your brain and, thus, help to keep your ears healthy as a result too. Just make sure that you don’t exercise with really loud music blaring out, especially if you’re wearing earphones, as that could have the opposite result from what you intended.

Do Hearing Exercises

Hearing exercises where you focus on sounds and try to work out where they’re coming from, meditate and try to focus on certain sounds and generally put your efforts into hearing better can be pretty fruitful.

Get a Hearing Aid

If none of these activities help, then it might be that you need a hearing aid to improve your hearing. As long as you get it fitted by a professional and you do the right things after a hearing aid fitting, chances are you’ll be blown away by the results. Don’t worry – hearing aids are small and well-hidden these days!

Although this stuff should help to improve your hearing in most cases, if you have a serious medical issue, they may not be appropriate and seeing an ENT should be your first step.

Staff Writer; Laura Day

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