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Four Common Relationship Issues and How to Fix Them.

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( If there is one thing that I have found to be true is this- relationships are hard work. Whether you are in a marriage or in a long-term committed one, there’s no magic to having a happy home. It really comes down to two people being willing to put in the work to make it all happen. It is a reality of life and when you do it right, it is everything!

While there are plenty of us out there who have gotten things down to a science when it comes to being in a relationship, there are others who have not. This is not a judgment. It is a recognition that a lot of folks don’t even really understand that love is not enough to make a good relationship. There are common issues that occur in every partnership. Some people make it through and others, unfortunately, do not.

If you are newly married or in a relationship with someone that you really love, here are some tips on how to deal with and fix some of the most common relationship problems.


This is a big one. We all know that assumptions are dangerous, but in a relationship, it can be especially damaging. You cannot assume the expectations that you have for your mate are the same that they have for you or that you both know what they are for the other. You also cannot assume that they feel a certain way nor assume their views on things. Assumptions are the worst. But you can nip this one in the bud by having open communication and being honest with each other. If you cannot do that, then maybe you should evaluate your romantic situation.

Burn Out

Sometimes life gets too hectic. Sometimes even having the love of your life as you navigate challenges isn’t enough to make it through. If you find that you and your significant other (SO) are drifting apart, it could be that you are burnt out thanks to all of your responsibilities. Burning out can lead to serious problems like gambling, addiction, and infidelity. To combat this, find time to reenergize whether it be a vacation, spending the day hiking or the going to the spa.


This is the number one reason for divorce in America. Money is everything because it makes the world go round. If you and your SO are having money problems, there are a few things that you can do – get a new, better or second job, spend less and create a budget are just a few ideas. It all comes down to having an understanding of your finances.


In many relationships, the weight of everything leans to one side more than the other. This is not always purposeful but it does happen nonetheless. When this is the case, having a plan on what is needed, expected, and done by each person helps everything get and or remain on the same page.

No matter what you go through or what people tell you, the work you put in is worth it.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah

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