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Common Wedding Jitters & How To Overcome Them.

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(ThySistas.comThere are some big milestones in life that, as well as excitement, invoke feelings of nerves, worry and fright. Getting a new job is one such time, as the excitement of a new career can often be overshadowed by the worry of not getting along with the people you work with or not being able to do the job itself. Buying a house is another. The sheer fright that comes with such a large responsibility is difficult to comprehend sometimes. The most common example of nervousness comes up with an upcoming wedding day.

Many people who walk through the organisation that comes with a wedding day do not really focus on the nerves they feel. The fact that they are so busy making sure everything is in order for the big day takes the focus away from feelings. And then the big day is upon them and bang; nerves. They’ve suddenly gone from browsing rings on to putting on THE dress and walking down the aisle toward the person they plan to spend the rest of their life with. That kind of change is a big one, and there’s some good news in there, too. You may wake up on your wedding morning and feel all kinds of jitters running up and down your body, but it doesn’t last. The moment you see your beloved groom at the end of the aisle waiting for you, those nerves will disappear. The key is to try and settle the nerves you’re feeling before you start your walk, and we’ve got some of the best ways you can stay calm:

1. Identify Concerns. The first thing to ask yourself is why you feel nervous. Are you scared of getting married, or are you scared of tripping over your dress and facing humiliation? Believe us, we have all worried about the tripping over! Or maybe your worried that you didn’t hire the right wedding photographers. Identify why you feel scared and once you know that, you can work on it.

2. Embrace Positivity. Have you got a mother-in-law who isn’t keen on the event going ahead? Well, she doesn’t need to be in the bridal suite helping you to get ready. You only need to surround yourself with people who draw a smile on your face, not those who make you feel like you can’t manage your own day.

3. Be Vocal. When you’ve identified what it is that’s worrying you, speak up. Talk your worries through with people around you and listen to the words of reassurance they will have for you. A problem shared is one that is easily soothed.

4. Focus. Feeling scared and worried is not something that is easy to cope with, so you need to learn to focus your breathing and your thoughts to keep yourself calm and relaxed. Keep the techniques going through the day and you can stay calm.

Your wedding day is going to be filled with all kinds of emotions, including happiness, love, contentment and affection. You need to keep your day this way and not full of negativity.

Staff Writer; Sherry Love

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