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Side Chicks End Up Embarrassed.

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( There are many definition variations of what a side chick is. One thing’s for certain…she is messing with the husband of another woman. It seems that lately many have been misled to believe its winning to be the side chick. Truth is side chicks end up embarrassed, and alone. Never forget you can be miserable with money, materialistic items, and a wedding ring. Maybe too many sisters thought they could be Alicia Keys (though I swear to you it seems her voice has not been the same since she meddled with the husband of another), or Gabrielle Union. Don’t get me wrong I love her movies, but when she began messing with Dwayne Wade the brother was still married. Women like these are not the norm, we don’t know what their married life is like behind closed doors.

Ladies the reason the side chick ends up embarrassed, eventually, is because the saying is true: “what you did to get him is the manner by which you will lose him”. The problem in many instances is sisterhood. Well in America black womanhood is a sorority all within itself. We fuss, argue, fight, stand and love together. Our people will not survive without use. It is imperative that we see the damage we commit to another black woman is the damage we commit to ourselves.

Never underestimate the power of loyalty, and what your actions tell a man. Granted it takes two people to commit adultery one of them can be the voice of reason and go home. If the brother you are messing with does leave his wife for his side piece please know he is aware of what you are willing to do for what you want. He is just as complicit in the matter…but he knows you will cross lines, and that can be used against you one day. Is it right of him to do such? Of course not, but you threw right out the window when you wrecked a home.

It’s common to hear side chicks comment that his wife isn’t giving him what he needs, if she loved him she would do blah blah blah. Side chicks don’t understand the weight of being a wife until they become one. They risk ending up alone because either that man is going to go back to his wife (his foundation and the one who runs the his very home), or you will get to marry him and find out it wasn’t his wife…its was him.

Now you are the new wife in a marriage alone because his expectations of you will be nothing short the previous wife. You will find out marriage is more than hotel stays, shopping, meals in nice restaurants, and sex. Being a wife is a 24/7 365 title that comes with many responsibilities. What do you think happens when you meddle with the life of the innocent? Yes, I am speaking of hurting children. you may think what you are doing doesn’t affect those kids, but believe me it has a profound affect.

Kevin Hart’s wife is having to swallow her pride while pregnant. I refuse to believe the media…she is hurt, and may feel isolated. However, I wonder if she reflects on the pain she caused Kevin Hart’s previous wife…when she was a side piece. Due to his recent behavior, she has now been embarrassed. Black women we must look out for each other, and have enough respect for ourselves, and our community, to bury the side chick spirit. Never lower your standard to being a man’s second choice. This is just one step to destroying the division among black women.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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