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Shopping Won’t Fix It.

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( There is nothing wrong with shopping. Treating oneself is needed, especially when you spend most of your time doing for others. With that being said, shopping is a form of therapy that can have some pretty unfortunate consequences if one sees the act as one that fixes all. Sisters living within our means is very important to the very idea of being independent. Shopping to fill a void leads to frivolous spending. Shopping as an addiction to pain, or self-image issues, leaves to frivolous spending. All of the above can also cause you to make decisions based on materialistic needs that can lead to various dangerous outcomes.

Too many of us have landed ourselves in debt trying to keep up with the latest fashion. Shopping becomes more than an enjoyable hobby when you are willing to put ones rent, car note, food, and other necessities on the line because you spent the money in the mall that was allocated to your needs. This is a very serious situation, because it is easy to sit back and judge someone with a drug, or alcohol, addiction while you also suffer from addiction of a different kind. The need to surround self with brand new things can also get in the way of making wise decisions for one’s children. When your kids don’t have adequate school supplies, but you feel you need a new Michael Kors bag because it will make you feel better red flags should be flying for you. Unfortunately, too many sisters don’t realize they are addicted to shopping for the same reason someone uses drugs.

This can become a very dangerous situation when decisions are made regarding intimate relationships based on if they can supply your shopping habits. Too many sisters have allowed themselves to be degraded, and abused, because they decided that they would be with someone due to thier financial status, but didn’t take into account how they are treated. When this happens a man, or woman, with a predatory nature will use and abuse you while dangling your addiction in your face.

Everything in life has a price, and some are seriously not worth it. Some sisters find themselves so deeply involved with these kinds of individuals the relationship becomes violent as they try to leave. They are reminded of how much money has been spent on them, and made to feel they must pay said person back with their servitude. This has costed many women their life.

Just as a high doesn’t make one’s problems go away, neither does shopping. If you are going to shop do so because you enjoy it, and can do it without hurting yourself or those you love. Never use it as a vice to make you feel good about self because that is a slippery slope that can land you in a dangerous place. Doing nice things for self is a positive practice. Having a significant other shower you with beautiful things because they love and cherish you is special. Just never forget it’s not the material things that make you valuable. Take the time to work though challenges when they arise, because simply shopping won’t fix it.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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