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Yes, Women Love Football.

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Tweet ( The NBA season is finally over. Any sports fan must admit the NBA Finals were wild, and entertaining. I admit that I am not as engaged in the NBA as I was in the 90’s…just call me nostalgic. Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors on winning the NBA Championships. Let’s not get into the […]

Four Nutrients You Need As You Get Older.

Tweet ( It’s a sad day when you realise that you no longer have the metabolism of a twenty year old, and you can’t eat a whole pizza in one sitting like you used to. Whether you want to admit it or not, you’re getting “old” and you need to make some lifestyle adjustments if you […]

Wash Your Face & Drink Some Water.

Tweet ( Strength comes in so many forms yet hardship can test everything we ever knew. When we find ourselves hurt, or going through multiple hardships it is very easy to lose focus of self. In an effort to maintain our face we create a custom mask that allows us to deal with the public, and […]

Dear Dad on Father’s Day.

Tweet ( Dads are special, and to be cherished. In their unique strength, they play a very large role in molding us to be who we are. When dad is there for his daughter he is the first man she will ever love, and her first protector. When toys, gadgets and life appeared to be broken […]

Why Barron Trump.

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Tweet ( Every day the news reminds us of the double standards, and hypocrisy of the country we live in. In a world that is cruel our children should be protected at all cost. We can all agree that children are the future of any nation. It is also apparent that politics is a very ugly […]

Why You Aren’t Getting The Jobs You Want!

Tweet ( Applying for job after job and getting nowhere is so frustrating! You put a lot of time and effort into filling out the application forms and sending them off. Then you hear nothing! Perhaps you are not even getting called for an interview or are not getting shortlisted? It is understandable that you want […]

Too Grown, Too Young.

Tweet ( It is a beautiful thing when mothers dote on their daughters, and spend time helping them develop their femininity. Learning how to enjoy a nice pedicure and manicure as a young age helps to set the standard for self-care for young girls. The concerning trend is that mothers are trying to make besties of […]

Anger Won’t Fix it.

Tweet ( We are often told anger is a natural emotion, and it’s okay to let it wash over you when appropriate. Unfortunately, as a black woman anger is an emotion that tends to brand is as illogical, irrational and unreasonable no matter how warranted the anger may be. Yes it’s a natural emotion as a […]

Getting “Old”? Getting Over It.

Tweet ( We all fear it in one way or another, and it doesn’t matter how “old” or “young” we are, the inevitabilities that comes with aging can cause us enough stress. And whether you’re looking after someone you love and as a result, it’s making you think about your mortality on a regular basis, or […]

Temporary Engagement Rings: What Are They?

Tweet ( If you’ve been looking for an engagement ring recently then you may have heard about temporary engagement rings. For some, the idea does seem a bit strange. Proposing to your partner – in the hope that they’ll become your fiancé and then your spouse – is generally considered to be a big event. So […]

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