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Anger Won’t Fix it.

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( We are often told anger is a natural emotion, and it’s okay to let it wash over you when appropriate. Unfortunately, as a black woman anger is an emotion that tends to brand is as illogical, irrational and unreasonable no matter how warranted the anger may be. Yes it’s a natural emotion as a response to something that doesn’t set well within. Yet, how we govern anger, and how long it is entertained could be the difference in moving forward, and remaining stuck.

Life has challenges, hardship and pain. No one is immunes to these occurrences but the mindset we hone will become the determining

factor in how anger is processed. Anger inside behind ill treatment, employment issues, problems on the job, loss of a loved one, etc won’t solve or bring peace in any of these matters. Many of us find ourselves harboring anger on behalf of our loved ones, and this is not healthy. It is natural to want to see our family and friends thriving, but being there for them in hard times doesn’t mean carrying their anger. This is mentally draining, and physically exhausting.

Anger, unchecked, can lead us down the dark path of depression hindering us from recognizing opportunity or love. Kindness will become a thing of the past. Where you were once caring you will begin to feel and display a cold nature. Though it’s not the intention the brewing anger will be taken out on those you love the most. Anger alienates ones support system. When anger is left it it’s own vices loving spouses are treated terribly, and even your children will become targets of your wrath. This dark path leads to abuse in several areas of your life.

Oftentimes, one can see the effects of anger in interactions with others, but tend to overlook it’s effects on the body. Anger definitely puts stress and strain on your body. Some women have noticed a correlation between stress migraines, high blood pressure, loss of hair, loss of appetite, disappearing menstrual cycles, and some have attributed issues such as fibroid tumors (or their return) and strikes to the stress pent up anger put on the body.

Its important to find constructive methods deal with anger. Exercise, spiritual re-enforcement, meditation, speaking with a counselor, writing confiding in your support system are just a few ways to deal with anger. Sometimes if a situation causes a heightened feeling good anger it might be best to remove yourself from the matter until you can look at it objectively. Anger has never fixed a matter, and though it is a natural emotion it is one that requires control…without such we can harm ourselves or others.

You are not angry just because you are a black women. The first step to dispelling that negative stereotype is simply not to entertain it nor take ownership of it. Everyday that we are allowed to wake up we can decide how we will manage life. Anger should be allowed at the table of decision because it never has a hand in a positive solution.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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