Monday, May 27, 2024

Wash Your Face & Drink Some Water.

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( Strength comes in so many forms yet hardship can test everything we ever knew. When we find ourselves hurt, or going through multiple hardships it is very easy to lose focus of self. In an effort to maintain our face we create a custom mask that allows us to deal with the public, and family without having to face what we are dealing with. It’s so much easier to help others with their problems than it is to address, and heal from your own. Our mask causes us to like pillars of perfection and strength while inside we are hanging on by a thread.

It’s hard to reach out when you feel no one is listening, and people have the answer to your issue before ever truly listening to the matter. Because we encounter these kinds of spaces we add more dimensions to our mask that allows seem so well we notice no one can see we are suffering. Well, to be fair we did all we could to hide the pain. Let’s be careful not to get angry when no one can penetrate the wall we meant to be fortified.

Once the isolation sets in we find ourselves run down and upside down not knowing how to find our way back to self. Your appearance suffered, you wallowed for 3 days without a bath, you haven’t been eating enough, and neglected enough phone calls that family is bound to show up at your door. You lay in bed dreading ever putting your feet on the floor. There are many kinds of pain that can cause you to come to this low dark place.

There is a point where you will question self on how to stand once again. You may not expect to feel 100% overnight, but you just want some recollection of self. Well, this may sound too simple to be true but try it…wash your face & drink some water. When you put that clean warm towel on your face…on eyes that are puffy from crying there will be a physical relief for your skin. The path to right side up begins with the little things. Washing your face leads to brushing your teeth, and a shower…now you are moving. Furthermore, washing your face is also an analogy for removing the mask. Wash away the hiding and re-enter creation.

The same substance that you use to wash your face also needs to go in you…so drink some water. We all know what water is necessary for the body, but it is cleansing as well. Drinking water flushes your insides of impurities just as washing your face removes the same from your skin. Water is necessary to sustain life, and by doing these two small things you can begin the process of getting up. As you allow yourself to move again you will see there are people around you that love you, and they genuinely care. There love will feel like healing waters washing over your heart and soul.

Life does a number on us all, and we don’t always know where to begin once having felt so low. I’ve been there, and in some ways, I am still working my way back to right side up. However, I remember the words of a wise loved one that I have shared with you here…. “wash you face, and drink some water.” Let the water do its good work.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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