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How To Manage Change In Your Business.

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(ThySistas.comChange is good. Change shows that you are open to trying new things and are seeking improvement. Sometimes you do it because you think it will benefit your business, other times you need to do it to keep your business alive and thriving. Change shows your are proactive instead of reactive and are taking your business seriously. Whatever the reason, there are certain things in mind you need to remember to make sure the change is a success.

Use A Project Manager

You can either hire an external one or use one of your own guys. You may want to do it yourself, but remember, you’ll have other things to take care of as the owner. So choose someone who can oversee the project. If you think the project is huge, it may be worth paying to send them to get a relevant qualification before hand. You can compare capm courses to make sure you get your money’s worth. It may seem like a needless expense, but it will be cheaper than hiring an external project manager and your candidate will likely already have the grounding and knowledge in exactly what you do to manage the transition.

Expect Resistance

People don’t like change. It is a natural feeling that will force resentment to your intended changes. Don’t make the mistake of seeing this resistance as hostile, as it is purely natural. Be sympathetic and try to encourage the change, give a talk about all the benefits it might bring not only to you, but to your wider workforce. If you are having to downsize then moral will drop significantly. In this case you should sit down with each employee individually and tell them you aren’t going to make them redundant. This solidifies their trust in you and relieves the pressure of worry.

Get An Expert To Change Your Website

If you are changes the services you provide then you’ll need to change your website around. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can do this yourself. You may think it is easy because the basic structure is already there. But the coding will be complex and hard to manage and change. If you do it yourself you could end up bringing your website offline and losing trade and making it look really basic which will be a red flag to potential customers. If you don’t want to lose custom over the course of the change, then hire a web development company or even a freelancer to restructure your site.

Spread The Word When You Change Premises

If the change includes a change in premises then you need to take stock of everything and everyone you deal with. Send letters and emails out to all of your clients and suppliers and tell them your business address is changing. You should also post a note on your website explaining why and where you are moving to. This way, there won’t be any missed deliveries that affect your operational capacity and you won’t lose any trade because a walk in client doesn’t know where you have gone.

Staff Writer; Paula Jones

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