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Educate Others And The Oppression Will End.

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(ThySistas.comIt is becoming more apparent every day that people – when working together and supporting each other-  can put an end to violence against women. It is vitally important, especially, that men and boys, of all ages, get involved and educate themselves in ending oppression against women not only because nobody deserves to be the subject of harm or violence because of their sex, but also because acts of misogyny impact on the lives of people who are not directly involved. They might not be aware of it, but all men and boys know women and girls who have experienced abuse of some kind.

It is a common misconception that males are personally constrained by a global-wide system that undervalues the ethics and morals of femininity. Therefore, it is important that we educate men, and boys, on how to treat women correctly, to prevent men’s violence against women.

If you are looking for some tools, here are some which may help:

Words can be more powerful than physical forms of abuse. The society we live in uses words that can be used to refer to women or put women down. Bitch, whore, and baby are common. When women are seen as inferior, it somehow becomes easier to treat them with less respect than they deserve, we can disregard their rights, and ignore their well-being when they are crying out for help.

Refuse to fund outlets which portray sexism. It is common that a lot of media outlets portray sexism nowadays. Don’t purchase magazines, videos, subscribe to websites, or music that allows women to be treated in a degrading or insulting way.

If a man you know such as your brother, or friend, is abusing a woman – or is rude or violent to women in general – you should not ignore it or look the other way. Try to talk to him about it or ask him to seek help.  If you don’t know what to do, tell a friend, a parent,  or a counselor – anyone who you feel comfortable talking to about it. You could even advise him to look at websites or contact helplines, if he is willing.

Refuse to take part in types of sexual harassment, such as wolf-whistling,  unwanted touching, or inappropriate behaviour.

Learn and advocate about stereotypes and how they can easily influence attitudes and behaviours. Examining your role in a relationship, household or friendship and learning ways to express feelings can help to create better, meaningful relationships.

Never abuse girlfriends or partners or wives.  This includes acts such as: controlling, intimidating, and harmful behaviour.  Take time to realise and learn that abuse can and does come in many forms, and that an act of abuse is a choice not something which simply ‘happens’.

Learn, read, and watch how acts of violence and abuse against women affects their lives, about how you can support women who have been subject to abuse,  and it is important to talk to women about what they think men can do to prevent abuse.

Staff Writer; Carla Poole

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