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Are You Taking Your Business Seriously Enough? Take Our Quiz!

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(ThySistas.comWhen you go into business for yourself, it’s easy to forget just how much work you have to put in. In order to take it as seriously as you’d like, you have to be willing to showcase a lot of effort. You’ll only succeed if you’re able to do this, and that’s why we’ve focused on this topic today.

It’s our mission to get all the business owners of Thy Sistas into a position of success. So, take our quiz, and you’ll hopefully get a bigger picture of your commitment level.

Question 1: Who Do You Blame When Things Go Wrong?

  1. I blame myself, of course. But, I also understand that mistakes are made with ease.
  1. My team are the ones that make the majority of mistakes, so they’re the ones who get the blame.
  1. It’s not the people that are the problem; it’s the world of business!

Verdict:  If you hadn’t guessed already, option A is the best of the three here. It’s OK to blame your team now and again for their mistakes, but they can’t be your scapegoat. Mistakes are natural,88black-women-on-laptop and they should be expected. If you find yourself blaming an employee often for their performance, it’s your hiring procedures that might need work. If everyone gets the blame but you, you’re not set up for success, and you’re not taking your business seriously enough.

Question 2: Where Do You Carry Out Your Business?

  1. I run an office from home. I’ve got a table, a laptop, and a supply of coffee. What more could I want?!
  1. We’ve got a fully stocked office with vast empty spaces in anticipation of future growth. It’s expensive, but we’ve got so much space!
  1. We’ve got a place, but it’s not in the best location. It’s not our fault – we haven’t got the money to move.

Verdict: There’s nothing majorly wrong with any of these three options. In terms of option B, we’d point to financial issues as a reason why you shouldn’t invest in big spaces. You’re doing well by planning for growth, but you’re failing to understand the financial implications.

The other two options might seem reasonable, but they don’t convey professionalism. You don’t want major business clients sending important documents to your own house! So, work around your financial restrictions. Think about getting a mail forwarding address, or getting a virtual receptionist to add a more professional touch.

Question 3: Are You Well Known In The Industry?

  1. Not really. I don’t get out much because I’m too busy.
  2. I always make sure I’m the life of the party at any event! It’s not a celebration if I’m not there.
  3. I make myself known to the people that matter.

Verdict: Let’s take each of these options into consideration. The first centres around a common issue for business owners – being too busy. But, getting out and networking is just as important as any deadline you need to hit. The second option might seem attractive, but you’re trying to be professional. That doesn’t require you to be the ‘life of the party.’ We think option C is the best one for you to aim for.

We hope you enjoyed our quiz!

Staff Writer; Goldie Adams

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