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Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls And Tea Leaves: A Quick Look Into The History Of Psychic Thought.

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(ThySistas.comSince ancient times, there have been psychics. These are individuals who claim to be able to make contact with people who have passed. They can reach into the future and the past and generally be in touch with people and times beyond the here and now. Over time they have been labeled in many ways: wizards, witches, mediums, clairvoyants, spiritualists. The list goes on. Many have also been persecuted for their supposed talents. Just think of the Salem witch trials. Their titles and roles in society have changed dramatically over time.

The Ancient World

In times as far back as Ancient Egypt, psychics were held in high esteem. They were often valued members of the royal court and consulted on a whole manner of issues. Psychic advice would govern decisions on agriculture, war and the appointment of officials. Their position was fragile though. Unsuccessful advice, or unwelcome claims could result in banishment, punishment or even death.


Psychics posed a major threat to those encouraging the advent of monotheism and religion. Religious individuals wanted to hold power and control over individuals’ behavior in society. This was achievedmiss-cleo-2016 by claims of direct communication with deities. Religious leaders took over the role of spiritual individuals. Psychics’ communication with out-of-this world spirits were condemned as communication with the devil, or witchcraft.

Modern Day

Nowadays, psychics can be found all over the world. Online communities see individuals communicating with one another more freely. Many psychics also profit from their claimed powers. Tarot readings, palm readings, crystal ball readings and fortune telling are all services that are available in most areas. Psychics are often employed by police and emergency services to help solve crime and uncover evidence. However, many psychics are seen by the majority as con artists or entertainment acts.

Psychics In Popular Culture

Mysticism is enthralling. It’s an interesting subject and people are often wowed by the skills shown by professional psychics. The psychic world is becoming an increasingly common theme in popular culture. Television shows and films have often featured witches, for example. Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Witches of Eastwick and even Roald Dahl’s The Witches all proved tremendously popular. However, more recent series and films have focused more on clairvoyance and communication with the dead. For example, Supernatural, Medium and Ghost Whisperer. Documentaries look at the history of psychics. Some set out to resolve mysteries surround the supernatural and hauntings.


Part of the appeal of psychic powers is that they can’t be proven or disproven. This is what draws individuals in. They want to see or experience something themselves. Psychics create feelings of awe and fear. Why? Because they are capable of something that most are not. There’s always something creepy about communication with people of past and future. Reading stories and watching programs isn’t enough to convince most people. So why not try it out yourself? Contact a recognized and celebrated psychic. Arrange a reading. See what you think of the experience yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Making Contact

Making contact with a psychic is relatively easy nowadays. We don’t have to seek them out in caves and forests. We don’t have to take them gifts of birds, precious stones or sacrifices. Contacting a psychic is as easy as conducting a simple search online. There are numerous online communities out there, ranging from specialist communities to Facebook groups. Once you’ve joined one, you can chat with fellow enthusiasts. They will be able to recommend trusted fortune tellers, reliable palm readers and individuals who are better than most at reading tea leaves. Many of these individuals do not charge. They are simply passionate about their talent and want to help others out. Walking down high streets you might see printed advertisements. Many psychics will have their own rented or owned spaces. With these, you can go in, sit down and wait to be seen. These individuals often charge. However, the whole experience makes it worth it. Entering a sensuous and spiritual space. Talking face to face with a psychic. Noting down what they say and being able to ask questions or make queries.

Tarot Cards

This is a good place to start with psychics. Tarot cards are used for divination. This means, they help the psychic to predict the future. The tarot is a deck of 78 playing cards. They are categorised as major or minor Arcana. The 22 major arcana cards depict individuals such as The Fool, The Devil and The Hanged Man. The 56 minor cards are wands, swords, cups or pentacles. They represent all of human experience. The psychic will gain a bird’s eye view of your life, mapping out your spirit, heart and soul.

Staff Writer; Lisa Jacobs

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