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The Secrets Of Preparing For Your First Networking Event.

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(ThySistas.comAttending network events, both large and small can be an effective way of improving all areas of your business. It allows you to build relationships with valuable contacts and stay up to date with trends within your sector. These events can also encourage you to share ideas and learn from other entrepreneurs. With so much to gain, it’s not hard to see why many business owners attend numerous networking events each year. However, while they might help your business become more prosperous, they can also be terrifying. The idea of walking to a room and talking to strangers is overwhelming for many entrepreneurs. But if you know how to get yourself prepared beforehand, these events can seem far more manageable. So to overcome your fears before your first event, use these secret tips and tricks.

Generate conversation starters

Starting a conversation is one of the most challenging aspects of a networking event. So take some time before the event to generate2016black-women-speaking some conversation starter ideas. Think of topics that might be of interest to the people you meet and write these down. While it’s good to include some business related topics, also think of less formal ones you could use too. Films, travel or even the weather can be fantastic ways to start a meaningful conversation with someone. This also shows that you have interests outside of your business which can make you feel more friendly and relatable. Re-read your list as you enter the event to remind you of your ideas.

Get business cards printed

Going to a networking event shows a lack of preparation and professionalism. It could also mean that the people you meet are unable to contact you afterwards. So in the weeks leading up to the event, design and make some business cards to take with you. There are design services online that you can use to create beautiful business cards, even if you have little technical know-how. While the design is important, also make sure the information is correct. Contact online services that provide a business address or phone number and include these details on your cards. Email addresses and social media handles are also smart additions to include. Make sure each of these communication methods are fully functioning before the event too.

Create a short business pitch

Throughout the networking event, people will ask you questions and want to know more about what you do. This can take you by surprise if you aren’t prepared with suitable answers. This is why it’s important to prepare a short pitch, otherwise known as an elevator pitch beforehand. Your pitch should include what your business provides, your plans for the future and opportunities you want to seek out. Practise your pitch to family and friends in the days leading up to the event to help you relax. Try to make it sound as relaxed as possible as this will make your pitch seem more genuine.

Now you know how to prepare yourself, your first networking event won’t seem so scary after all. Be confident and shoes everyone at the event why you and your business are worth knowing about.

Staff Writer; Tammy Harris


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