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( Past lives and karmic relationships are subjects that really interest me. Have you ever met someone who you are attracted to for no reason at all? There’s just something about them that makes you want to spend time with them and you may even see your future with them? I call that a soul contract, or in some cases, a karmic relationship.

Karma, simply put, is the law of cause and effect. Therefore, actions that you made in a past life affect your present life. When two people come together, and it feels so right, right away…there’s karma that needs to be balanced out in this lifetime with one another.

In a previous article about relationships, I wrote about how I dated guys who I felt the need to nurture and care for as if I were their mother. I wanted to change them somehow. Logically, we all know we can’t change people, but I sure tried. We were both seeking nurturing, and it worked until it didn’t anymore.092016mature-black-couple

When I was a child in my hometown, I had crushes on boys who were my peers. I would flirt with them in a child-like manner and wait for them to ask me if we could ‘go together’.  I would dream about them at night, and see our marriage and children. Shortly after my dreams, the boy (s) would never talk to me again. I never understood until later that those dreams were of our past life together as a couple and this lifetime, we weren’t meant to be together. I’m impressed that I was married so many times in past lives, as I can’t get married to save my life this go around.

I tell you this story to say that relationships that are karmic aren’t meant to be lifetime relationships, there’s just something that needs to be balanced out or healed with one another in order to move on and learn lessons.

Think about your past relationships. Did you and your gal/guy move forward in the relationship quickly and did it fizzle out just as fast? Did you feel that you knew the person in another life? At the end of the relationship, did you wonder what the heck you were thinking dating such a person? That’s all karmic! Hopefully you learned the lessons of the relationship and no longer have to repeat them.

My current relationship feels new, yet old. I feel that I met this person in many lifetimes, loved him right away. This could be karmic in a sense that this relationship dynamic is new to me, yet I feel that I am very familiar with him. He’s a familiar face from long ago. I believe this completely. I don’t feel that it will end anytime soon, and that there are new lessons to learn in regards to the role I play in a relationship, and for him, vis-versa.

Psychic Michele Knight says that in karmic relationships, there’s a difference between love and karma. The feelings are different. Love is peaceful and beautiful, while karma has you working overtime to keep the peace. This means that even if your relationship is abusive, destructive and sad…you stay in it to dal with the mutual karma between the both of you.

As a child, I assume that I couldn’t ‘go with’ the boys I dreamt about, is because our soul contract was over, we just wanted to see each other one last time in this lifetime.

I trust that God knows what is best, and what is needed for us all to evolve. When a should contract is done, there is no need to continue in a relationship.

What kind of relationship lessons are you experiencing right now? Is it love or karma?

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