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Essential Steps To Opening A Hotel Business.

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( Getting that business dream off the ground is tough, in any sector. In the hospitality sector, it’s even tougher, due to the high levels of care expected by your customers. You must be completely selfless, and willing to go the distance to please others.

There are several key fundamentals you must bear in mind when setting up a hotel business. It’s not as simple as buying or leasing a space, and selling a product. You have to factor in accommodation, food, entertainment and storage, all within one tidy package.

Firstly, choose the type of service you will offer. There are many basic differences between the kinds of hotel you could start. A motel is traditionally only used for one or two night stays, and are located on derelict routes. This is useful for people just passing through, and as such, standards and facilities won’t have to be absolutely pristine.BlackWoman-hospitality-jobs-hotel-receptionist-customer-service-work

On the other hand, a hotel located in the city centre will be used by professionals, people on business trips and work trips. You’ll also get couples who may have been on a night out, and tourists who are visiting. Conversely, a resort hotel will be a prime location for families, ranging from kids to grandparents. If the latter is what you are going for, you may wish to invest in a few family-friendly pieces of equipment to really appeal to kids, such as a cotton candy machine from somewhere like Nella to make fun treats.

You have to decide which you will offer. The distinctions between luxury hotels and affordable hotels are clear, so I won’t discuss this here. Just pick a side and stick with it!

Secondly, make sure you design a clean interior. By ‘clean’ I mean free from clutter and unnecessary features. A successful hotel will rely on a minimalistic interior, one that doesn’t feel too cobbled together. A company like deBretton could be useful for aspiring hotel owners, and it’s important to get this part right.

And why is that, you ask? Well, interior design is a pricey job, and it’s hard to simply reverse a decision. It’s not like you’ve bought a tee from a shop, and can simply return it. Your hotel will act as people’s pseudo-home for days and even weeks. So, it must be decorated beautifully and like a home. Also, sleek and aesthetical Commercial Restroom sinks and Countertops is a must, especially if one is looking to cater to high-end clients.

Thirdly, decide how to manage pricing and fees. Hotel owners are in a unique position in that they have many different ways of making revenue. Besides the obvious cost of the room, you can charge for a safe, extra towels, food, spare keys, sports gear and internet.

I’m not saying you should rip your customers off, but you can get clever here. Lowering the costs of the room will draw people in, but you can make up that lost cash on small items. Alternatively, you can price your rooms high and make extraneous features like wi-fi free of charge. It’s up to you to decide if you’ll be aimed at a more wealthy demographic or not. Ultimately, this will dictate your pricing system.

So, hopefully these three steps helped you on your way. Of course, there are all the usual things to consider like permits and funding. But by following these hotel-specific steps, you can turn a business into a great business.

Staff Writer; Sherry Austin


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