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Do You Honor, Love and Respect Your Vagina?

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( For many women the vagina (yoni) brings up a lot of shame. For some it is rooted in molestation or rape, while for others it is a source of guilt because the woman chose to share herself with someone who later betrayed or hurt her. Most of us have at least one sexual partner we regret and that sorrow is held in our sacral (womb) chakra. Our unhealthy relationship with our vagina leads us to misuse our sexual energy as a showcase for our love. I have crossed paths with many women who lack sexual satisfaction with their partners but continue having sex because that is what women are supposed to do. We are expected to sexually satisfy our mate even if they do not satisfy us.

As girls we are told to save ourselves for that special someone yet as we blossom into women we quickly learn that a “special someone” does not equate to a forever love and many women enter a cycle of giving themselves away over and over just to reflect back with regret and shame after the affair comes to an end. We have not been taught how to love and embrace our yoni and generally only see the benefit therein when we are in a relationship. Many women are pressured into sex with sweet whispers asking “do you love me?”, “you must think I’m going to leave after?” or “its time to take the relationship to the next level”. Too many men think that because we are in a “relationship” with them, that we must offer ourselves for blackwoman-nude2016sex with them.
Even within the confines of a relationship many women must create fantasies, use vaginal lubes, watch porn or partake in some other ritual just to excite their yoni so that they may be of “service” to their romantic partner. We are so disconnected from our bodies at times that we may mentally drift off during sex. Few women are in tune with their sexual needs and lack the know how to find pleasure in themselves. Some women would not dare touch themselves! Oddly they have allowed numerous sexual partners into the sacred space they are forbidden to explore.
Could you imagine being in a relationship with someone who only uses you for one or two things and ignores you on every other level? Could you imagine being with someone who wants to use you for their own pleasure and gratification yet hates everything else about you? How much would you give a person who looks at you with disgust, complains about your nature while willingly giving you over to whomever is open to seeking pleasure from you?
This is the dysfunctional relationship most women have with their yoni (vagina)! We hate that we bleed, we neglect eating the proper foods to contribute to our vaginal health, we fail to research the effects of the feminine products we use, we contaminate or rather scent our yoni with unnatural fragrances, we have sexual relations with individuals who do not respect, love or honor us, hell we even have a distorted view of what our yoni should look. In the midst of all of our yoni hatred, we “desire” someone who will love us for who we are. We desire to share our yoni with others although our own relationship with our innermost self is lacking.
We fail to realize that our yoni is the gateway to our greatest inner mysteries…. our truths, our dreams, our fears, our magick, our powers, our blessings, our healing, our consciousness and our life experiences.  When we spread our legs, we are opening passageway to our sacred temple. When we open our sacred feminine flower, we are giving another access to all that we are.
My question is why are we not accessing these gifts as well? When will we begin to honor ourselves completely, inside and out?
Blessed Honoring!

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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