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7 Signs That You Are An Alpha Female.

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( In a world where men claim to want a submissive woman yet put down helpless women, the Alpha Female blazes the trail defining herself, her life and setting her own standards. Society attempts to limit the role of women to the house servant, the one who cleans the house, cooks all the food, cares for the children, takes care of the man, keeps her hair and nails done and dresses to impress her man. Even in 2016, many women are unsatisfied with life simply because they are not in a relationship! So many women feel they are the force behind their man rather than beside him.

The Alpha Female is rare. She has a purpose in life and it is not limited to her male companion and her children. While society sees men as the head of the household, the Alpha Female is well aware that every individual is the head of their life and she does not hand that power over to anyone. The Alpha Female is in charge of her destiny. She may decide to be a mother or decide parenting is not for her. She may be a chef in the kitchen or she may require that household duties are shared. She is so love with herself that she finds pleasure in each day she awakes. The Alpha Female embraces the challenges of life head on and strategically works to eliminate each one.
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1) Does Not Reduce Herself to the Caretaker of Men. The Alpha Female does not center her life and happiness around being the caretaker, wife or lover of a man. She is not the one who will rush home to ensure your home cooked meal is on the table, she too has a purpose in life and is busy kicking ass as well. This is the woman one desires when they are building an empire, their legacy. She is powerful and does not define herself by her relationship status. She does not “need” a man, however she is open to building with a powerful, intelligent, trustworthy man of honor. The Alpha Female is clear about her relationship goals and does not leave her desires to the imagination. She is bold enough to walk away from any situation or relationship that is not aligned with her highest good and vision.
2) Does Not Date Exclusively. The Alpha Female does not go through her phone deleting phone numbers, pictures and text messages simply because she had a wonderful date or has an interest in a guy. She does not go missing from her friends and family to devote all her time to her male friend. She knows the difference between dating and being in a committed relationship and she does not mix up the two. The Alpha Female does not give a man she is dating the same privileges she does the one she is committed to and vice versa. Dating does not necessarily mean sex is involved, it means two individuals are getting to know one another and having a wonderful time in the process. The Alpha Female is a hot commodity and she is capable of enjoying life whether single or committed.
3) Her Career Has a Purpose. The Alpha Female is not merely working to pay bills or drive a fancy car, everything this woman does has a divine purpose. She is a leader at every turn! She knows how to step in and make the difficult decisions, she empowers other leaders rather than creating a group of followers so she is surrounded by equally powerful people. This woman does what is best not only for herself but for her family, friends, co-workers/employees and community as a whole. She makes a way for everyone to eat and be merry.
4) Busy, Busy, Busy. The Alpha Female is usually on the move! She is loved by many who enjoy spending time with her. She enjoys taking trips, has a variety of hobbies and does not spend her time waiting by the phone hoping a miracle will ring through. You are able to see her hard work through her spiritual, personal and professional development. She may not answer every phone call or text immediately but she is always there when you need her.
5) Reveals Her True Self. The Alpha Female does not pretend to be soft-spoken, overly emotional or submissive in the beginning only to switch up on people later. No! The Alpha Female is comfortable sharing her thoughts and feelings from day one. No subject is off limits to this woman. I say if you do not really want to know, do not ask her! If she is playful it will show, if she is no-nonsense, you will know. There is no need for the guesswork or mind reading with the Alpha Female, she is comfortable in her own skin and reveals herself and her gifts for the world to see.
6) Knows She is an Investment. She knows her worth! The Alpha Female does not “build” men into the perfect mate, she knows her value and only deals with the best. She can not be bought with gifts, in order to win her affection she must be showered with attention, thought provoking conversations, honesty, weekend getaways and the pursuit of major goals. This woman is a force, magick maker, healer, teacher and adventure rolled into one and she knows it.
7) She is a Problem Solver. You will not find her crying her eyeballs out over a minor issue and she is well equipped to deal with the setbacks of life. I am not implying that the Alpha Female is emotionless or does not face temporary defeat, the difference is that she seeks a way out of the storm rather than allowing herself to sink deeper into them. This is the woman who will either change her own tire on the side of the road or flag down assistance and be back on the move in less than 30 minutes. She does not make excuses, she admits her mistakes and works diligently to correct her wrongs.
I commend all of my sister Alpha Females for standing firm in a society that would rather us play the background. You are powerful, you are an inspiration and your visibility is raising up a new generation of Alpha Females who are proud to be born a feminine force.
God Speed.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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