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Great Ways To Refresh Your Outlook.

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( Keeping up a good mood is much harder than it sounds. You might have made a more positive outlook one of your new year’s resolutions. Now that we’re a month in, don’t you find that new attitude difficult to pin down? Don’t panic if you’ve been acting like your old, grumpy self here and there. There are many changes you can make in life which will bring your mood up.

Having a positive mood isn’t all about controlling your own mind. There are a few simple, physical things you can do which have been shown to bring your mood up. You could take a few minutes out of your day to start practicing belly breathing. This is a cornerstone to all kinds of Eastern meditation disciplines. Sit comfortably in a quiet space, then close your eyes and focus on your breath. Draw it in through your nose, let it expand into your belly, then release it all through your mouth. This might not sound like it would do much, but use it as a foil for those taxing moments. When your day’s making your mind chaotic and stressed, doing this for just a few seconds can really help you calm down.

Another tip you could apply is to organise your life a little more. Though we often feel like the victims of stress, it can be self-inflicted a lot of the time. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with your different responsibilities, it could be time to re-organise everything. Whether you’re misplacing belongings or missing deadlines, target the issue and then fix it. It may take a while, but eventually your new, organised life will become second nature. When things keep going wrong, remember to smile in the face of it! Every time you smile, your body releases endorphins, no matter how fake it is! Look for something funny or pleasant in any situation, and you’ll notice your mood getting brighter and brighter.

If it’s convenient, go on a trip. Getting out of your day-to-day environment gives your whole mind a big refresh. When you’re surrounded by a distant, intriguing city or drawing in the idyllic French atmosphere, there’s little you can get worked up about! If there’s a certain place you’ve always wanted to go, then go there. Remember to make the most of it though! When you’ve got no kind of work to keep up with, it can be easy to slip into a lazy state of mind. Instead, you should be using your time off to target the things which bring your mood down. See and do things you never usually would, and try to come home with a refreshed attitude to everyday life.

Whatever’s bringing your mood down, there’s a way around it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a practical or mental obstacle keeping you from your potential. Make a conscious effort to bring your mood up, and you’ll find the whole thing is easier than it’s made out to be. Finally, look on the bright side. I know it’s a cliché, but it works!

Staff Writer; Kathy Johnson

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