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Welcoming the Energies of 2016: What Are Your Intentions?

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( Before we move into the energies of 2016, let’s breakdown the numbers at play from a numerology stand point. Each number carries its own vibration. When we look at 2016, we see four separate numbers. 

2 – Is about pursuing one’s life purpose and soul mission, balance, intuitive awareness and balanced judgment. 2 relates to the star sign of Cancer which is the Universal Mother.

0 – Amplifies and magnifies the vibration of any number(s) it’s with and bringing one closer to God or “Source”. 0 relates to ‘The Fool’ in tarot which represents spontaneity and a free spirit

1 – Is all about new beginnings, motivation, positive energy, self reliance, organization, initiative, strong will, power and independence. 1 relates to ‘The Magician’ in tarot which represents concentration, action and skill.

6 – Is all about creative abilities, responsibility, problem solving, Divine wisdom, stability, inner vision, soul purpose, and spiritual 2015-2016-happy-new-years-eve-2016enlightenment. 6 relates to “The Lovers” in tarot which represents choice, union, co-operation, attraction and partnerships.

2016 is composed of all of these much needed energies in addition to the number 9 Universal Year. The number 9 comes from adding each of the numbers (2+0+1+6). The Universal Year number is the most dominant energy we’ll feel this year and the #9 beckons us to ask: How will you shine and what will you complete?

This year carries the vibration of purpose and soul fulfillment. The energy of 2016 empowers us to dig deep into our soul to discover our life assignment. Many people are seeking purpose in their life, that one thing they are to do for ever. We have bought into this illusion of ‘forever’ and as a result we suffer from sorrow and distress each time our situation changes. The only thing constant in life is change! Change is a sign that you are growing, that you are evolving whereas forever reflects stagnation. 

During 2015, we learned to willfully release what was no longer necessary for our growth from a place of love and peace. That which we fought to hold on to during 2015 brought us face to face with depression, lowered self-worth, chaos, dis-ease, fear and heart break. As we move forward in 2016, themes revolving our family, community, society and world as a whole will begin to surface. 

  • Where is healing needed in your family and community?
  • How will you use your spiritual gifts and talents to heal your community?
  • What is your role/position within the community?
  • What do the youth in your community need most from you this year?
As the vibration of the earth continues to shift, so do the inhabitants of earth. Our soul craves for purpose, our soul knows that life isn’t a gift we’ve received in order to come forth and reap material things. The soul overstands that life is an assignment and that you incarnated with a duty, a mission to fulfill in this lifetime. Success lies not in what you are capable of acquiring but rather what you are capable of giving to the world around you. The resourceful will always have enough while those who seek resources will consistently remain in a state of want and desire. 

2016 is the year of personal responsibility and accountability. This year many things will be coming to the light including our judgments and perceptions on the situations others may be in. You will be challenged by everything you hate as well as the things you said you’d never do in judgment. Many times we can clearly see the issues others are in while failing to see the truth of our own reality, trust that 2016 will bring it to the light for optimal clarity. 

This is a year to focus on YOU! Keep your focus on your soul mission, your spiritual growth, fulfilling your duties within your family and community, healing yourself and being a reflection of God/Source/Universe/Spirit who created you. This is not the time to point fingers or shift the blame, this is not the year to spend hours addressing issues that have been in existence for years. 2016 is the year of completion, the year of doing what is required of YOU! 

Happy New Year! Happy Manifesting!

Seeking more clarity concerning whats required of you? Have questions regarding your life purpose or soul mission? Spiritual teacher, Akashic Records Reader and Reiki Master Dina Deon is available to assist you in human journey through this spiritual journey of life. To learn more about the services which may be most beneficial to you, please email Dina Deon at

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