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6 Ways to Honor Yourself During Your Menstrual Cycle.

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1. Spend time in nature. Never forget your natural connection to Mother Nature. It is in nature that our bodies realign with the natural flow and balance of life. When we sit on mother earth, she pulls our fears, our anger, our pain, and our sorrows from us. Allow yourself to benefit from this powerful releasing experience. Whether you take a stroll through the park, sit beneath the sun or work in your garden, meditate with crystals, or eat of the fruits and nuts from trees, remember healing is taking place within you and around you.

2. Rest. As women we give too much of ourselves on a daily basis, during your menstrual create a ritual that allows you the time and space to rest. This is the time when your family should be caring for you. Spend at least 15 minutes with your feet elevated each day. Indulge in womb massages to relieve menstrual cramps. Light candles in the room rather than making use of the regular bright lights to create a more serene environment. Request that foot and leg massage from your loved ones, if you have children allow them to paint your toes and fingernails. It’s all about you!

3. Journal. Write down your feelings as they come up, without judgment and without analyzing them. Allow them to flow as freely as the blood that flows from you. With each menstrual cycle we are releasing thoughts, feelings and emotions that are no longer necessary for us in our journey. Make note of your dreams, pay attention to reoccurring numbers, keep your eyes open for signs coming from spirit. It may not make sense initially, however keeping a journal ensures that you have everything together and in order when its time to decode the messages God/Spirit/Source is sending to you.

4. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Proper nourishment can alleviate many of the menstrual cramps and pains women experience. Avoid drinking cold water during your menses, room temperature water goes down much smoother and helps to minimize pain. Avoid sugar as much as possible, if the craving persists then enjoy strawberries or other fruits which fulfill the sweet sensation without leaving you feeling depleted.

5. Pamper Yourself. Play soothing music preferably without lyrics, if you must listen to lyrics make sure the words are loving, uplifting and positive. Take time to reflect on what you need from yourself as well as others. Light candles and enjoy a steamy bath. Make a big deal over yourself, take care of you like you take care of everyone else in your life. Give yourself full attention like you give that attention to your significant other. Let the people in your life know this is “your time” of the month. 

6. Meditate. During our menstrual cycle our physical energy is often low but our intuition is generally through the roof. Hearing these messages takes stillness, it is impossible to continue ripping and running like you generally do during your menses and the women who do are often moody and a displeasure to be around. Take time each day to close your eyes and go within yourself for answers you have been seeking. What is your body craving? This is the time to realign with your Higher Self and the Goddess within you.


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