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Who Is Limiting Your Success?

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( I’m always amazed at the responses to the question “whose limiting your success”? People come up with a variety of answers from their children, spouse, parents, friends, employer, government, slavery and their environment. I have yet to hear anyone take responsibility for their role in not only accepting these limitations but continuing to live by them.

What does it say about us, not as a people, but as an individual when we allow anything outside of ourselves to dictate what we are able to do from within? What led us to a place where we began to feel inadequate in uplifting and empowering ourselves?

1. A Lack of Direction – At times we’re so eager to move out of the rut we’re in that we overlook the importance of choosing a destination. The “anything is better than this” mentality is an illusion! Any void in your life must be filled with something lesser, equal or greater. That means if you desire to move beyond your current circumstances, you must be clear on where you are going. Even when seeking a house to purchase, at minimum we have an idea of the area we need to search. From there we begin looking at the features and amenities we desire in order to narrow our search. The quest to a goal is no different, it’s not sufficient to merely want “better”. Better what?

2. Lack of Discipline – Remaining steadfast upon your path is imperative to reaching success. It’s impossible to reach a goal if you constantly change your focus midway through. Faith and discipline go hand in hand. There is no discipline where faith doesn’t exist and vice versa. You must believe that you are worthy of attaining your desires whether they are on a spiritual, physical, mental or emotional level. The same rules apply, you must devote yourself to your vision and see it through completely.

3. A Lack of Personal Responsibility – You must take 100% responsibility for what happens in your life and realize it’s a direct reaction or response to your deeds, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. You are responsible for keeping the whole of yourself (mind, body & soul) balanced, cleansed and clear. Consider your body it’s own universe and you are it’s ruler. You are responsible for your ascension, your happiness, your legacy, your success and your purpose.

4. Easily Distracted – It’s easy to get distracted, whether an unnecessary, unbeneficial phone call, spending time stalking on social media, checking emails that have no substance or someone of the opposite sex catching your eye. It’s all under your control as you have the power to partake in activities that do not propel you forward or to wait until you’ve completed your tasks. I’ve heard people say I’m only on social media 5 or 10 minutes an hour, if you’re checking 8 hours a day that’s over 5 hours a week that you could have invested into an action that could change your future.

5. A Fear of Success – YES! We have a fear of being powerful, of creating a legacy and of being whom we were created to be. We fear being judged by others, we fear having large amounts of wealth, we fear having optimal health, we even fear being happy on a daily basis. Fear and love can’t occupy equal space in our lives, together they create a struggle within which leads to depression and hopelessness. One must outweigh the other. Reaching a place where you’d rather see what’s on the other side of the mountain verses watching history repeat itself is the first step to empowering, fearless days.

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