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4 Steps to Thriving In the ‘NOW.

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( The POWER lives in the current moment. Power can be interchanged with “choice”, personal power derives from our ability to make choices in our own lives. Sadly many give this power over to the future, the past, family, friends or what they refer to as “the powers that be”.

We often discount our power to transform ourselves into masterminds. We usually make the choice to linger on painful events of the past or our fairy tales of the future. I say fairy tales because we rarely envision ourselves doing what’s necessary to bring about the desired results.

Why do we limit our lives to past and future events? Why are we so eager to escape the present moment? How do we begin to shift from surviving to thriving in the “now”?

1. Release the Past. Realize that which came before the “now” was merely preparation for this moment. The ‘past’ is a building block, it gifts you with the strength to move forward in a courageous, bold and confident manner towards your future endeavors. Life isn’t send forth these lessons only to cause pain and conflict, its all for your preparation and success. Give thanks for the lessons you are presented with and set your intentions on passing the test the first time around.

2. Accept the Current Moment. At times the “now” is a moment that produces the most fear within

us. It’s easy to take refuge in the past focusing our attention on what we used to be, the opportunities we had, where we could be, what we made it through and so forth. It’s even easy to get caught up in the future dreaming of what we’re going to do, how we’re going to navigate opportunities and the things we shall soon possess. Neither of the scenarios have power over the present moment. Where you are today, what you choose to do or not do, how you choose to respond to obstacles and what you are willing to release all impacts your future. There is no future without the present moment and your actions, deeds, thoughts and beliefs today dictate where you will be in the future.

3. Reflect on Your Lessons. What have you learned? What are you grateful for? What have you learned about yourself? Take time to reflect on the lessons you’ve faced each night before you retire to bed, ensure that you have opened yourself up to learning something beneficial each day. Learn to seek the positive in each situation rather than focusing all of your attention on the worst case or downfalls. Overstand that life twists and turns us in order to align us with that which is most beneficial. The greatest pain is in the ‘resistance’ to move beyond.

4. Play! Enjoy life, master the art of creating happiness in your life NOW. Stop putting off that which pleasure and excites you for later. Allow yourself to play, laugh and live each day to the fullest. Play should be apart of your daily life, not a reward.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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