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Spiritual Strife Can Kill a Relationship.

In both situations this closeness builds trust and is a great part of a strong foundation. The opposite of this picture causes hurt, and scars because the foundation is faulty. This manner of strife is felt in every aspect of your relationship. If you are fortunate enough to see signs of spiritual strife before committing or marrying it would be wise to re-evaluate the nature of that relationship. You may find that things are not as compatible as they seem.

Are We Fair With God?

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we can get a better understanding of the expectation of God as he is that parent in our relationship with him. I would never tell someone what decision they need to make for their spiritual self. However, I will say my spiritual life, and its manifestation in my reality, became more apparent as I took the time to actually have a relationship with God that was not one sided. Consider the treatment you deserve from others and ask yourself if you are fair with God. If the answer is no…take comfort in knowing he’s not angry with you; he’s just waiting to have a real relationship with you.

I Went Back to Church for Order.

I’ve been able to stay in the same place for more than three months, my health issues still exist but I see improvement, my outlook on life is clearer, and I have a peaceful disposition. I’ve decided to leave the past in God’s hands and move on. There is decency and order in my life again, and church help get me to this place. I understand why it was a center point for our people…it helped us work through pain. The healing always began with decency and order.

Fighting God is Dangerous.

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Like any good parent he’s not going to do that. Reconsider fighting with God; look to know him, and understand the truth of your situation. You will find he’s given you the power to do so much more than you realized. In so many instances you have the choices necessary to change the situation.

Can We Handle God’s Answer.

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It’s important to remember God is not us…he’s not human. We can’t deal with him in the manner we deal with people because we could never be on his level.  Disappointment, discouragement, and plain tired is understandable and we are entitled to our feelings. Just make sure you are ready for God’s answer before questioning him as the sole purpose for every delay, and issue in your life.

Poetry that will “Touch the Heart” with Michelle’ Pierre.

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She also allows the reader, through her poetry, to see aspects of her walk with God, and what she is learning along the way. Touch the Heart is a gem that can be referred to when you need to a pick me up, and a reminder to remember who God is no matter what you face. We look forward to the many upcoming projects Michelle’ Pierre has in the works. Touch the Heart can be purchased on Amazon, and anywhere books are sold.

Knowing When to Take a Leap of Faith.

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God could care less about your high paying job and benefits, He don’t care about who’s going to talk about you, He will elevate you in the face of your enemies, He will provide for your every need once you step out and take that leap of faith.

Healing Isn’t Magic.

Though your family sounds redundant they are trying to appeal to the need for you to take an active part in your healing. If you shut them out or continue to live in non-compliance, they may become desensitized to preserve their own emotional state. The same bible that speaks of healing is the same bible the requires your having a part to play. You can’t just think and pray your way out of sickness.

“Don’t Put That on Jesus”: The Wrongful Justification of Hatred with Christianity.

Instead, use your Christian beliefs as valuable and solid evidence to your argument or opinion.  If you cannot do so, leave Christianity out of your problematic perspective. It already has enough on its plate.

Be Secure in Your Faith.

So if you have been adhering to the methods in the scriptures from the first paragraph, you should be so secure in your faith knowing that God will take care of you and strengthen you before, during and after any situation.  He is the Creator of life and all things in it so who is better to secure your faith in?  No one.

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