Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Overgeneralization Defect.

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We are also not being rational. Rationality is necessary in this day and age of social media and information at our fingertips. Once you deal with your emotions of the horrible act that has happened in whatever situation you are in,  remember that one does not represent everyone. There are still some people in this world that have great intentions, and they need your understanding in order to make a difference in this world. 

Admit Now or Cry Later.

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I know the truth is a scary monster that can live under your bed, in spiders, or anything that you fear.  I avoided the truth for most of my life because I was afraid of what I would be unable to do. I did not want to admit that my childhood and upbringing made a difference in my adulthood. I had to admit that truth if I wanted to be a better person. Admitting the truth to yourself, however, can save you so much heartache and pain.  We do not have the ability to time travel…yet. Admit the truth now before you are dealing with more tears later. 

Where is the Love for Disabled Citizens.

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They don’t understand I’m not lazy, but my body doesn’t comply with my desire to do so many things. The disability check sent barely allows me to survive…living is hard. Those realities are hard enough…but when I, and people like me, step out we are reminded that we are the “lepers” of this country. We are shunned and treated as less than by people that would have a fit if they are treated in live fashion. Where is the love for disabled citizen? We’re Americans too, right?

Coping With A Lived Medical Issue.

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Tweet ( Many of us experience a health issue from time to time, and this can be either a manageable or high-stress process depending on your individual needs. Many of us recover, but some may have their life altered dramatically. It’s during this time that we may find ourselves completely out of our depth, unsure […]

How To Build Self-Improvement Into Your Business Culture.

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Tweet ( These days, it’s not just about the bottom line, the products, or even the customers, but it’s about the overall culture your business communicates to your consumers and your employees. The latter is probably more important. The business culture is what will help it thrive, foster relationships, and nurture productivity in numerous ways. […]

Sometimes Silence is the Answer.

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Silence can be the answer in many situations given the circumstances. Choosing silence as an answer when it’s necessary doesn’t mean you are trading in your right to be heard and acknowledged. It means you know when fairness is needed, and when talking no longer serves a purpose. In this you are saving yourself from embarrassment in one area, and drama in another. In every instance you are valuing your metal health, and energy. Avoiding stressful toxic situations is always a positive move.

The Anger in Marriage Struggle Is Real…but NOT Impossible.

Going to sleep in any emotional state is very difficult because sleep is a time for your mind to rest and reset. Do not cheat your body and mind out of time to improve.  Do not allow anger to cause a divide between a relationship that may be a great part of your life.  Anger in marriage is difficult, but it is not impossible to overcome.

Fighting God is Dangerous.

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Like any good parent he’s not going to do that. Reconsider fighting with God; look to know him, and understand the truth of your situation. You will find he’s given you the power to do so much more than you realized. In so many instances you have the choices necessary to change the situation.

Teach Your Daughter Manners.

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However, this was girl was deliberate in her actions and words that followed, and her mother justified it because she’s a girl. None of that is okay. If the boys can’t behave in that manner neither can girls. Let’s focus on making sure all of our children are bought up with common decency, and manners.