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Check Your Emotions. 

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( Recent events involving state police, political parties, and social media can have you ready to burn cars, throw bombs, and basically punch any person who does not agree with you.  I get it. I really do. However, how much punching will actually make a difference that will impact society? Avid reader, writer, and editor Christian Starr gave me some extremely needed advice when I was seeing red everywhere: “Emotions can have a seat at the table, but they do not make the final decision.”  It is hard to admit when we allow emotions to make decisions that should be sound and long-lasting. But when you are told this, how exactly do we “check our emotions” in order to make great decisions?  

First, let us deal with the fact that you have emotions.  I think one of the biggest mistakes in anger or emotional situations is that we forget to acknowledge how we feel. So, be angry. Be sad. Be melancholy. Be aggressively distraught.  Give yourself the time needed to feel how you are feeling. If you are getting to a point where you can not recover from your emotions, consider seeking professional help. It is not healthy to be that emotional for long periods of time.

After emotions have had their moment,  it is time to think and act. Develop a plan in order to deal with whatever has disrupted you emotionally. If you do not like the fact that people of color are dying by the police,  do research to find out how you take part in eradicating police forces from those types of policemen. If you just had a really bad breakup with someone for numerous amounts of years, think about your part of the problem (Yes, you have a part in the problem.).

This will help you to be a better person for your next partner when you move on to the next relationship.  If someone has caused you to upset you over something they said on Facebook, find a way to talk with them in person so that both of you can come to an understanding. You have had your time to cry, pout, and punch the air. Think and develop an action plan so you can do better and be better. 

Rev. Dr. Vanessee J. Burns once said: “Protest without policies will not change anything for our communities.”  She is absolutely correct.  We bust store windows and set stuff on fire out of anger, but after a couple of weeks, nothing changes. The same can be applied to how we deal with events after we have been in emotional trauma. We scream. We cry. We throw china plates, but we forget that life goes on after the emotional moments. We have to remember to check our emotions and develop a plan to move forward.

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